10 Best Double Rifle Cases – Top Pick and Review

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Have you been searching for something you can use to carry your rifle and some gear to the range? Well, you will be required to purchase a double rifle case. In this article, we will discuss the best double rifle cases in the market. The biggest factor you will need to decide on is whether you want a soft case or a hard case for your rifles.

Soft rifle double cases will be the best choice if you want a carrying case to carry a few things to the firing range, especially during the weekend. It is good to know that taking less space will be the key at the end of the day. At times, you don’t have to go for the toughest and roughest case in the market. You can consider a soft double rifle case if you are going to keep it in the car.

You should consider purchasing a hard double rifle case if you have valid reasons to travel a place far from your home. Most hard double rifle cases have been designed with a special coating. The coating will protect both the case and the content inside. No damage will come to your firearms if they are stored in a hard double rifle case on a plane.

The below double rifle cases are the best in the market. We have reviewed them based on product value, performance, customer satisfaction, and durability. Be guaranteed that each of these products are durable and will never disappoint you. Let’s take a look.

Best Double Rifle Cases

Review of the Best Double Rifle Cases

Vism By Ncstar Double Carbine Case

The highly regarded soft double case can hold at least two mid-sized carbines in the middle compartment. Additionally, it has been manufactured with durable nylon materials. What was the essence of making this soft double case with nylon material? The material creates a resistant barrier between the firearms and natural weather elements.

Also, you will have an easy time cleaning this soft double case. The best way to wipe the dirt is by using a soft cloth. Furthermore, this soft double rifle case features several large pockets on the front side of the case. To increase the level of security in the soft double rifle case, the manufacturer has added heavy-duty zippers and plastic buckle clips.

Besides storing rifles in this soft double rifle case, you can keep gear, accessories, and other essential items. The maker has provided lined pockets for that. Do you know that this soft double rifle case comes with MOLLE webbing? The webbing is located on the exterior of the case. The presence of webbing means that you will have easy storage.

The best way to carry this case is by using the wrap around carrying handles. You can also use the attached shoulder strap in the soft double rifle case. Usually, the top soft double rifle case is available in almost all colors. Therefore, you will have a wide range of colors to choose from.

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When it comes to the overall performance, it is arguably one of the most impressive double cases. That being said, it is the best choice for those people who find a hard case being very heavy but still want a brand they can rely on for many years.

best double rifle cases 1 VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case


  • It has been manufactured with sturdy nylon material.
  • It boasts of MOLLE webbing.


  • It is quite expensive to modify this double case.

Condor Double Rifle Case

The best thing about this double rifle soft case is that the main compartment is large enough to hold at least two rifles. Additionally, the United States of America rifle case maker has included padded sleeves and hook and loop straps. The hook and loop features will keep your firearms secure during travel. It is straightforward to padlock the heavy duty case on all compartments with the zippers.

As you can see, the front of this double rifle case is very similar to the previous option on this list. The front has been designed with several pockets for additional storage. You can close the pockets using zippers and buckle clips. Last but not least, the carrying handle can be closed with Velcro. Moreover, it boasts of a detachable strap. There are four color options to choose from that include black, drab, olive, and tan.

Condor is arguably one of the most trusted brands you will ever come across in the market. However, it does not come without any downside. This soft double rifle case does not have spacious pockets like the previous option. When making your purchase, be guaranteed that it is sturdy enough. It is an ideal choice for long distance travel.

best double rifle cases 2 Condor Double Rifle Case


  • The manufacturer has included large extra pockets.
  • It features heavy duty zippers for padlocking.


  • It is not the perfect choice for long distance travel.

Armycamousa 38 Inch Double Rifle Case

This double rifle case is just amazing. Additionally, it has been engineered with high quality water resistant material. It is important to note that this double rifle case features a double rifle compartment. The compartment comes with integrated padded dividers. Also, it has been made with hook and loop straps to secure your rifle.

Furthermore, the dual weapon case has been fully padded. This provides maximum protection for your rifles. The exterior pouches in this double rifle case can hold more than 14 magazines. The maker has also included other essential features that include heavy duty zippers and backpack straps. It joins other top double rifle cases that have been made with adjustable straps and zippered tool compartment.

It has emerged as the perfect carrying device and storage for your hunting and simulation war. The presence of two way size zippers on the main padded compartment allows the user to open the bag up and lay it out flat. The unique design in this double rifle case is the reliable straps that hold your rifles firmly from any kind of impact.

If that is not yet enough, the manufacturer will provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. This means that you can ask for a refund if you are not impressed by the quality of this product. Moreover, they boast of excellent customer services that will leave you satisfied. With that in mind, this is the right time to get yours and for your family if you are tired of being disappointed by low quality double rifle cases.

best double rifle cases 3 ARMYCAMOUSA 38 Inch Double Rifle Bag Outdoor Tactical Carbine Cases Water dust Resistant


  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • It comes with an elegant design.


  • It is not worth the extremely high price.

Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Rifle Case

This list can’t be complete without featuring this fantastic double rifle case. Having been manufactured with heavy duty industrial PVC nylon means that it has been built to last. Additionally, you should not look beyond this product if you want something that is ultra-spacious. Similar to other top double rifle cases in the market, this rifle case has been designed with lockable zipper sliders on both compartments.

Furthermore, you will always have numerous carrying options when you purchase this product. Both the adjustable shoulder strap and classic padded handles have been included. The most amazing this about the elegant double rifle case is that no customer has ever questioned its quality after using it for years. That is the reason why the reputable manufacturer is very confident when providing buyers with a lifetime warranty. They genuinely believe in the quality of their products. You are free to return this double rifle case to the manufacturer if it gets damaged on the course of using it.

best double rifle cases 4 Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Double Short Barrel Rifle Gun Case Firearm Bag


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • The maker has included classic padded handles.


  • It can hold extremely large rifles.

Lancer Tactical Double Long Rifle Case 

People prefer purchasing this fantastic double rifle case simply because it has a tough construction. Additionally, the heavy-duty soft double bag has been made with high quality woven polyester. This makes it have enhanced tensile strength. All these features make the double rifle case to be an ideal choice when it comes to extreme tough weather conditions. The manufacturer has made it to be free from tears or fraying. That is the reason why it is highly considered as a solid and durable double rifle case.

It is among the very few double rifle cases that have been manufactured with MOLLE webbing. The MOLLE webbing can be found on each side of the soft bag. This feature is crucial for additional attachment of pouches. The webbing ensures that your favorite must haves remains intact despite any sudden shocks.

The main compartment of this double rifle case will perfectly fit two rifles. The rifles will be held down by protective and reliable sleeves and elastic bands. The band will mitigate any unwanted movement during transit. Last but not least, this double rifle case comes with Eva foam. The Eva foam prevents abrasion by simply separating and providing padding between the rifles.

Moreover, there is an excellent workmanship in this double rifle case. The stick to thick material makes this double rifle case more solid. The stitch and hasp are well made, making them durable. The multiple forward accessory pouches in this double rifle case can not only be used to carry rifles and pistols, but also additional magazines.

When it comes to ruck pack straps, they are wholly adjustable. This allows you to carry your rifles ergonomically. You will be able to create the perfect fit by flexible quick detaches buckle strapping. The additional strap is mostly used to enhance security during maneuvers. People use D-rings to attach essential items such as water bottles.

best double rifle cases 5 Lancer Tactical Rifle Case Solid Fabric Reinforced Stitch Thickened Foam Double Long Rifle Bag


  • Excellent workmanship.
  • Ruck pack ready.


  • The cords in this double rifle case are not durable.

Plano Pro Max Double Rifle Case

Do you want to keep your rifle safe when not in use? You are in the right place. Which are the most notable features in this double rifle case? The popular double rifle case that has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years has been engineered with a state of the art lock system. The security straps will protect more than two scoped rifles with the large objected lens.

Additionally, this double rifle case features multiple pockets. Also, it joins other reliable double rifle cases on this list that have been made with durable latches. The hinges in this double rile case will last for long. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry when travelling. It has met all the airline requirements. All that you need to do in such cases is to lock the double rifle case and take it with you on flights.

Apart from that, this double rifle case comes with a name-plate order form. This form has been included for personalization. Finally, you will be given a lifetime warranty after purchasing this product. You will never regret purchasing this double rifle case.

best double rifle cases 6 Plano Pro Max Double Scoped Rifle Case


  • Patented lock system.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The manufacturer should have included wheels.

Vault By Pelican V800 Double Rifle Case 

You should just click the link above if you have been searching for a double rifle case with rugged protection. Additionally, it has been designed with a crushproof high impact polymer. Also, it features heavy duty handles and pushes button latches.

Furthermore, the stainless steel lock in this double rifle case will provide you with the ultimate protection. Away from that, this double rifle case is weather resistant. It has been manufactured to seal against moisture and dust. Therefore, you will have long term confidence in harsh conditions.

Being the most affordable double rifle case in the market has made it to be a must have item by many rifles lovers. Last but not least, the manufacturer does not compromise when it comes to quality. You should be guaranteed that you are purchasing not only what you have been looking for, but also what you deserve.

best double rifle cases 7 Vault by Pelican - V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam (Black)


  • It is an affordable double rifle case.
  • Rugged protection.


  • It comes with regular foam.

Plano 10-10586 Gun Guard Se Double Case

The United States of America’s most popular manufacturer has made this double rifle case with everything you will need. Additionally, this double rifle case will always protect your rifles from damage regardless of the season, weather, and terrain. It has emerged as a purpose and a pledge that will protect your gear and outings.

It is good to know that the SE series is the perfect option when it comes to budding sportsmen looking to expand their collections. The double rifle case that comes with ribbed construction has been built with recessed latches and padlock tabs.

Furthermore, this rifle case has a rugged look and unique solid protection that can hold rifles with high mount 50mm scopes. Last but not least, the padlock tabs are for added security. Other essential features in this double rifle case include high-density interlocking foam.

best double rifle cases 8 Plano 10-10586 10586 Gun Guard SE Double Scoped Shotgun Case


  • High density interlocking foam.
  • It features steel hinge pins for added durability.


  • The plastic shell is quite thin.

Skb Ata Large Double Rifle Case

This double rifle case can hold two rifles of up to 50 inches in length. Additionally, it comes with reasonable dimensions. Also, it has been approved by the TSA. Away from that, its trigger release latches have been accepted all over the world.

Furthermore, this double rifle case has been manufactured to fulfil all the ATA requirements. The specifications in this double rifle case ensure that it withstands 100 trips by air. Keep in mind that this is the highest shipping container specification of the ATA. Finally, it has been made with separate compartments to increase the level of protection for your rifles.

best double rifle cases 9 SKB ATA Large Double Rifle Case


  • It has fulfilled all the ATA specifications.
  • It has been made with reasonable dimensions.


  • The plastic gunk hinges are not the best.

#10 Eylar 44 Inch Protective Roller Rifle Double Hard Case

It has specifically been designed to secure two rifles and a combination of optics and gear. Additionally, it features waterproof protection for up to 1 meter fully submerged with a rubber gasket lining. Away from that, it has been made with three layers of foam. Two of the foam layers are fully customizable.

Furthermore, this product has met all the TSA requirements. The two padlocks adaptable allow secure storage either at home or on the go. The hard double rifle case with a pressure equalization valve has been made to be crushproof and resistant to mold and fungus. Finally, the maker will provide you with a limited lifetime warranty in case your double rifle case gets damaged.



  • It features several layers of protection.
  • It has met all the TSA requirements.


  • Some people have been complaining about the double rifle case ability to withstand the abuse of bag smashers.

Things to consider when purchasing the best double rifle cases in the market

There are multiple different double rifle cases out in the market. If you want to land the best, then you will be required to learn the most crucial factors that come with each double rifle case. Here are some of the things you should consider.

Where will you use the double rifle case?

You don’t need to purchase an expensive, rugged double rifle case if you only go from the home and to the range. You can save that money and use it for ammunition. However, if you are planning to travel to the world with your firearm, then you should go for a rugged double rifle case. Although you can repair double rifle cases in the field, purchasing high quality ones will save you the time from having to do so.

What do you want to carry in your double rifle case?

That is the first thing you should ask yourself. We have some large AR carrying cases with enough storage to lug around everything for shooting. However, you should not purchase an extremely large double carrying case if you don’t need to carry much gear. The storage space will be unnecessary. Kindly note that all those pockets in the double rifle case will take space even when empty.

How well do you want to conceal your rifles? 

You will be able to store lots of guns if you own a giant double rifle case, but you will be drawing a lot of unnecessary attention. It is important to note that a soft double rifle case is easier to hide in your vehicle when compared to the hard ones. Small rifle cases that have been designed with less external storage are more discreet.

Do you want to travel using commercial airlines?

If you have plans to go a place far away from home using commercial airlines, TSA requires that you place your guns in a hard case. This does not mean that you can’t use a soft case. You can still put your rifle on the double soft rifle case then put that into the hard case. Having a TSA approved double rifle case will allow you to use your preferred soft sided rifle case at your destination.

Theft prevention

Double hard rifle cases are better in terms of protection against sticky fingers when compared to soft cases. On the other hand, you have the freedom to lock the zippers of soft sided cases. Being smaller than hard cases, it is easier for someone to pick your double soft rifle case and walk away with it. However, double hard rifle cases are impervious to cutting implements.

Final thoughts

All the above are our suggestions for the best double rifle cases in the market. And now that we have reviewed the top ten best double rifle cases in the market, you will have an easy task when choosing your most preferred product. We hope that you will find the detailed information helpful in the future. Kindly share any questions with us. Thank you!


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