10 Best Molle Pouches – Top Picks and Reviews

There are numerous types of MOLLE pouches available in the market. It is essential to ignore the bells and whistles by choosing the best military pouches that will never disappoint you. What is the purpose of MOLLE pouches? They are specifically manufactured for law enforcement officers. They are very helpful when it comes to helping you grab the most relevant items quickly.

MOLLE pouches are used by the military to carry ammunition. Besides being used by the military personnel, MOLLE pouches are used by camp lovers, hiking and jungle adventurers. It is also important to note that they have been manufactured with heavy duty materials such as polyester and nylon. These materials are waterproof and will prevent mud and dirt from entering the pouch.

Additionally, most MOLLE pouches have been manufactured with multiple pockets and compartments. This means that they can accommodate all your gear and personal accessories. When picking the best MOLLE pouches for your hunting gear, there is no doubt that you would want to make sure you are getting the best quality for your hard earned money. So, which are the best MOLLE pouches? Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best products under the title.

Best Molle Pouches

Review of the Best Molle Pouches

Orca Tactical Molle Horizontal Admin Pouch

This MOLLE pouch will provide you with space you have been searching for. This elite carrier system is all about massive storage in a small package. The reliable MOLLE pouch that has been manufactured in the United States of America comes with lightweight frames. Additionally, it has been manufactured with reasonable dimensions.

The best thing about this MOLLE pouch is that it has been designed with spacious pockets. Moreover, the top MOLLE pouch has been manufactured for tough conditions. The heavy duty military MOLLE pouch has been made from 600D polyester material. Besides being reinforced, this MOLLE pouch is double stitched at all stress points.

Furthermore, the closures in this MOLLE pouch have been secured using high quality YKK zippers with nylon pulls. The zippers are not only tough but also durable. The reliable MOLLE pouch has been built to be secure and safe. The manufacturer has designed it with speed in mind. The zippers in this high quality MOLLE pouch comes with silent pulls that allow you to open the pouch wide.

It will be an essential pack that will be helpful during stressful situations. People prefer going for this MOLLE pouch because of its functionality and versatility. The two sided MOLLE webbing makes it unique from the rest. Usually, this MOLLE pouch is used by police, firemen and military personnel.

It is also a featured accessory that is popular with campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The manufacturer is an established brand that has been making high quality MOLLE pouches for many years. Therefore, you should trust what comes from them. They are well known to manufacture their products according to the highest quality standards. Be guaranteed that they don’t compromise when it comes to quality.

best molle pouches 1 Orca Tactical MOLLE Horizontal Admin Pouch Utility EDC Tool Bag - Copy


  • Secure and safe.
  • It comes with admirable versatility.


  • The MOLLE strap is misaligned.

One Tigris Molle Admin Pouch

Have you been searching for a high quality MOLLE pouch that has been manufactured with nylon material? You are in the right place. The popular MOLLE pouch has been made with a durable material sourced from the United States of America. The high quality material used to make this MOLLE pouch is not only durable but also water resistant.

Do you know that this MOLLE pouch has been made for the military? The webbings and straps make it a compatible gear. When it comes to the interior, it features multiple pockets.

People have been praising it as an upgraded admin pouch with bigger space and more functions. It is the ideal choice for any person looking for a lightweight MOLLE pouch to organize their everyday carry stuff. Usually, the front of this MOLLE pouch has been covered by sizeable webbings. Moreover, it comes with loop material for attaching name tapes.

Besides being an excellent addition to your backpack, you should be assured that it will be an amazing pouch that is quite rare to find in the market. You can use this elegant product for outdoor activities and travel.

best molle pouches 2 OneTigris MOLLE Admin Pouch - Copy


  • It features double zippers with pull.
  • It is an ideal choice for travel and outdoor activities.


  • Some people have been complaining that it did not work for them.

Amyipo Molle Pouch Multipurpose Compact

You should not look beyond this MOLLE pouch if you want a product that has been designed with reasonable dimensions. Additionally, it joins other durable MOLLE pouches on this list that have been manufactured with durable and tough materials. The high quality nylon material ensures it serves you for many years.

Moreover, it is among the very few MOLLE pouches that come with high quality zippers. Furthermore, the United States of America manufactured MOLLE pouch features anti-scrape and wear resisting material. Are you aware that this product features multiple user mode? This allows the users to attach the MOLLE system backpack and wear on the belt.

What about convenience? The inside pockets in this MOLLE pouch can hold money, cards and pens. Besides that, it is very easy to access the accessories when you purchase this MOLLE pouch. It will be an ideal choice for mountain climbing, hiking and expedition.

best molle pouches 3 AMYIPO MOLLE Pouch Multi-Purpose Compact Tactical Waist Bags Small Utility Pouch - Copy


  • It is easy to access the content inside this MOLLE pouch.
  • Multiple usage modes.


  • It is not worth the high price.

Zeato Tactical Molle Pouch

The compact size has made this MOLLE pouch to gain a lot of popularity in the last couple of years. Additionally, the high quality MOLLE pouch features MOLLE system attachment straps. Also, the straps are suitable for tactical belts. The MOLLE width can be adjusted for different width belt.

Over the years, it has emerged as an ideal EDC bag organizer for accessories and cell phones. As you purchase this MOLLE pouch, you should be guaranteed that everything you need will be readily available. Having been designed as a tactical MOLLE bag means that it can be used as a small EDC pouch and gadget pouch.

The presence of MOLLE integration is for easy customization or attachment to a larger bag. Furthermore, you should go for this MOLLE pouch if you want something that will never disappoint you during outdoor activities and hiking events.

best molle pouches 4 Zeato Tactical Molle Pouch EDC Utility Gadget Belt Waist Bag Pocket Organizer with Cell Phone Holster Holder for iPhone Xs Max - Copy


  • Exterior cell phone pouch.
  • It has been made with high quality materials.


  • The manufacturer should have included durable exterior pen sheath for rapid access.

Wynex Tactical Admin Molle Pouch

The clamshell design of this MOLLE pouch is closed by double zippers with pulls. This means that you can open up completely to the bottom. Additionally, the highly preferred MOLLE pouch features a cord inside. It is possible to adjust the cord by allowing chest mounted desk or fully open. If you want to remove it, you can do it with great ease.

Do you want a MOLLE pouch with high visibility and moisture resistant features? All that you need to do in that case is to click the link above and pick a quality MOLLE pouch that will never disappoint you. The military grade fabric is coated with long lasting water repellent. The material can be reversed for protection and waterproof.

What is the role of the two ways zipper? Typically, the high duty two way zipper allows you to open in an emergency quickly. The maker is among the reputable manufacturers who provide 30 days service commitments. If you are not fully satisfied with this MOLLE pouch, you can return it to the manufacturer. The versatile pouch can be used for all travel and outdoor activities.

The manufacturer is a renowned company who has specialized in outdoor tactics. The manufacturer started as a camping goods manufacturer. Besides paying attention to detail, the popular manufacturer is committed to providing customers with the highest standard of quality.

best molle pouches 5 WYNEX Tactical Admin Molle Pouch, Medical EDC EMT Utility Bag Shell Design Attachment Pouches 1000D Nylon Hiking Belt Bags Waterproof - Copy


  • You can return this MOLLE pouch within 30 days after purchasing it.
  • It has been manufactured with high quality material.


  • It is not strong.

2 Pack Molle Pouches By Tacticool

The most notable thing about this MOLLE pouch is that it has been made with durable 600D nylon. Unlike other cheap and standard MOLLE pouches, the interior part of this MOLLE pouch has been made with water resistant coating. This will prevent the content inside from getting wet in a damp environment.

You will have the full freedom to carry the pouch with two vertical straps and the metal strap with much ease. The small bag has a substantial capacity, and also there is an internal pocket. You will have a lot of storage for small items when you go for this MOLLE pouch.

The two way zippers in this MOLLE pouch will allow the user open and close the pouch with great ease. It is good to know that you can do it from both sides. You can access the highly regarded MOLLE pouch.

It has emerged as an excellent MOLLE pouch that can’t be compared to any other. Besides that, you will have an easy time installing it. This makes it a perfect gift for backpackers. Similar to other top MOLLE pouches on this list, this product has a front with an area to attach the patch you like. You will have a wide range of colors to choose from.

best molle pouches 6 2 Pack Molle Pouches - Tactical Compact Water-Resistant EDC Pouch (Patch Not Included) - Copy


  • It has been designed with two ways zippers.
  • It comes with two vertical straps.


  • The internal pocket does not fit a small spray bottle.

Gonex Upgraded Tactical Military Molle Water Pouch

It is a simple style MOLLE pouch. This MOLLE pouch will be a must have item if you want something that has been designed with a drawstring open and mesh bottom. Additionally, the height of this product is flexible. This means that you can use the height to hold your umbrella. When it comes to the packing dimensions, they are reasonable.

The manufacturer has used water repellent Oxford cloth to increase the durability of this MOLLE pouch. Furthermore, this MOLLE pouch has been sewed with more than 38kg tearing tensions. The maker also used minus 20 degree when making this MOLLE pouch. Besides that, you will get a heat insulated and waterproof product that will never disappoint you.

It is in the same class with top MOLLE pouches that have been engineered with MOLLE compatible system. This MOLLE pouch will provide a secure and tight fit when attached to gear tighten the hydration carrier solidly. Furthermore, it will prevent water weight gravity from pulling the pouch downwards. It will never flop around when walking or jogging.

Last but not least, it boasts of the high quality lining. The tearing tension is actually more than 10kg. Finally, the portable design hangs on the main backpack with two buckles.

best molle pouches 7 Gonex Upgraded Tactical Military MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch, Drawstring Open Top & Mesh Bottom Travel Water Bottle Bag Tactical Hydration Carrier - Copy


  • It features a high quality lining.
  • It is a durable product that will last for many years.


  • It is not properly insulated.

Airsson Universal Tactical Molle Pouch

The well-made cell phone pouch has been manufactured with sturdy stitching. Additionally, this MOLLE pouch has been made with 600D nylon. It is not only wear resisting, but also scratch proof. The reasonable dimensions in this MOLLE pouch allow you to store more items. In fact, this MOLLE pouch can fit more than 6 cell phones.

Furthermore, it comes with an elastic band and buckles for protecting mobiles from dropping. Do you know that the zippered compartments can easily fit Samsung Galaxy S6? With that in mind, you can imagine the excellent MOLLE pouch. The versatile pouch can be used as a tactical MOLLE bag. Also, you can use it as a small EDC bag or even a tool bag.

It is one of the easiest to carry bags you will ever come across in the market. You can attach this MOLLE pouch to any heavy duty belt. The manufacturer believes in the quality of their products. That is the reason why they will provide you with a 30 day guarantee. You can ask for a refund if this MOLLE pouch is below your expectations. In case you have questions regarding their product, they guarantee you instant feedback.

best molle pouches 8 AIRSSON Universal Tactical Molle Pouch EDC EMT Gear Tool Gadget Belt Outdoor Waist Bag Pocket Organizer with Cell Phone Holster for iPhone X Samsung S8 - Copy


  • 100% satisfaction to every customer.
  • It is easy to carry this MOLLE pouch.


  • The straps are not very adjustable. The manufacturer should improve on that.

Tactical Molle Edc Pouch Compact 1000d

The high quality MOLLE pouch has been made with 1000 nylon. Additionally, this product is durable and anti-abrasion. There is no doubt that you would want a compact MOLLE pouch with sturdy construction. Typically, this pouch features two zippered compartments. While the front compartment has been designed with a mesh layer, the back compartment has been made with a nylon layer.

The exterior sheath pen is for rapid access. Furthermore, the MOLLE system boasts of EDC strong webbing belt loops on the rear. If that is not yet enough, the MOLLE system attachment straps in this MOLLE pouch is compatible with other tactical belts.

The versatile MOLLE pouch has been designed as a tactical MOLLE bag can also be used as a gadget pouch. This is the right time to join thousands of satisfied customers who are still praising this MOLLE pouch performance.

best molle pouches 9 Tactical Molle EDC Pouch Compact 1000D Multipurpose Utility Gadget Belt Waist Bag with Cell Phone Holster Holder - Copy


  • It boasts of sturdy construction.
  • It has a strong webbing belt loops on the rear.


  • It does not work as intended.

Gogoku Genleas Molle Pouch Multi-purpose

This tactical MOLLE pouch can easily be attached to a vest or even a hiking backpack. Additionally, you can store a cell phone, GPS devices and keychain in this MOLLE pouch. The high quality MOLLE pouch has been made with 1000D nylon material. It is important to know that the quality is better when compared to most other 600D MOLLE pouches. When compared to other products in the market, this MOLLE pouch is more resisting and more durable.

Usually, this MOLLE pouch features two buckles on the back. The buckles can be attached as an extra external pouch to a backpack. You can also use this product as a regular pouch.

best molle pouches 10 Gogoku Genleas Molle Pouch Multi-Purpose Compact Tactical Waist Bags Utility Water-Resistant EDC Pouch - Copy


  • It has been made with durable nylon material.
  • It has multiples uses.


  • The D-rings in this MOLLE pouch is quite heavy.

Things to consider when purchasing the best MOLLE pouches on the market

There are numerous MOLLE pouches in the market. Therefore, it is important to know the crucial things to consider when purchasing one. Similar to other important purchases, it is relevant to pick the right option that will never disappoint you. If you get it wrong, you will experience a lot of unnecessary frustration and expenses that will limit your options.

We have compiled some few pointers that will help you pick the best MOLLE pouches.

Size matters

Just like other things in the market, size is a crucial thing that can’t be ignored. You don’t need to purchase an extremely large MOLLE pouch. No matter how much you tell yourself up, you will not need a big MOLLE pouch. Be guaranteed that a properly sized MOLLE pouch will be a must have item during your expenditure or even military activity. With that in mind, you should look for a small MOLLE pouch that you think you can get away with.


Although it is not whatever works for you, your sex should be a determining factor when purchasing a MOLLE pouch. It is important to note that boys and girls have sticky out bits in different places. The best MOLLE pouches have been designed with that in mind. You should check the above reviews and also pictures to determine the MOLLE pouch that will work best for you.


There are several types of MOLLE pouches that include, outdoor MOLLE pouches, military MOLLE pouches and travel MOLLE pouches. If you are looking forward to spending several weeks walking and camping, you should go for a MOLLE pouch that has been designed specifically for that purpose.

The material used to make the MOLLE pouch

It is good to keep in mind that the best MOLLE pouches have been made with high quality nylon material. Having been manufactured with nylon material means that this MOLLE pouch is durable and resistant. Most MOLLE pouches that have been made with nylon material are anti-abrasion. This will make you get a better value for your hard earned money.

Zippered compartment

As you can see from the above products, most of them have been made with zippered compartments. In most cases, manufacturers prefer making the front part with the mesh layer while the back part with nylon material.

Buckles are very essential

You can agree with me that the top MOLLE pouches in the market are made with two buckles at the back. You should go for a MOLLE pouch that features buckles that can be attached to external pouches.


The most reputable manufacturers who believe in the quality of their products are willing to provide their customers with long term warranty. You should consider a MOLLE pouch that comes with a long term warranty. Additionally, you should choose a product from a manufacturer who guarantees their customers high quality products, and if they are not satisfied, they are free to refund the product.

Final thoughts

Type, brand, dimensions, buckles, number of compartments and pricing are arguably the most important factors you should consider when purchasing the best MOLLE pouches in the market. And now that we have reviewed the best MOLLE pouches in the market, you will definitely have an easy time when choosing your most preferred products. We hope that you will find this review article helpful in the coming days. Kindly ask our team any questions you might be having.



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