10 Best Floor Lamps: Top Picks and Reviews

For the last couple of years, lighting products have been considered one of the first middle class luxuries. We have witnessed the great deal changing day by day. What do graduations, retirement, and birthdays have in common? If you have not listed a bookworm on your gift list, then you should consider a floor lamp.

Do you know that floor lamps are the greatest gifts you can give college students? Floor lamps are arguably the greatest gifts you can give students who love studying during the night. Over the years, they have emerged to be an absolute necessity in homes. Besides being used for luxuriance, floor lamps boast of multiple applications. That’s why it is essential to know the best floor lamps in the market.

How can we describe the best floor lamp? It will provide you with a solid normal ambiance. This means that you will always have an illuminated parlor. The best thing about floor lamps is that they are quite flexible. You can fit a floor lamp on any side of your room whether you want to fit it behind a couch or amidst a lobby.

Floor lamps have proved to make amazing changes to rooms. You will be able to make a total upgrade of your space while at the same time creating a whole new atmosphere in your room. Have you been experiencing trouble getting recommendations for the best floor lamps that you can use in your dark room? You should worry no more simply because we have compiled some of the most reliable floor lamps.

10 Best Floor Lamps

Review of the Best Floor Lamps

Brightech Sky Led Floor Lamp

Have you been searching for a floor lamp that provides a pleasant glow and extreme versatility? This is the perfect floor lamp model that you can use in any room. What is the first impression of this fantastic floor lamp? When compared to other products in the market, this floor lamp is more sturdy and solid. Away from that, the highly regarded floor lamp has been manufactured to be well balanced.

It boasts of a simple top and a heavy base that makes it extremely stable. In addition, you should be guaranteed that it is by no means a fragile baby. Are you sure that this floor lamp will even survive the fiercest cat fights? If you love minimalist design, it is more likely that you will like this floor lamp.

The main center of attraction in this floor lamp is the light head. Just like the floor lamp itself, it looks pretty simple from a distance. It has been designed with a thin round shaped disk. The round disks features rounds of LEDs on the upper side. Moreover, it comes with an attractive metal finish on the lower side.

Unlike standard floor lamps in the market, this product is dimmable with several light intensity levels.

It is good to know that this floor lamp will illuminate at least 2000 lumens when adjusted to full intensity. You can attest that indeed it must be a fantastic floor lamp that will make what looks impossible happen. This means that it is the brightest floor lamp you will ever come across in the market.

You should consider this product if you have been searching for a reliable floor lamp that can light up the entire office. After purchasing this floor lamp, you will not require any additional lighting. The floor lamp that has been designed with a slim design can sneak the smallest corner of your room. With that in mind, you should consider picking a place where you don’t usually gaze. Also, you should not worry if you want to put this floor lamp in the middle of the room. All that you need to know when purchasing this floor lamp is that the light head is very smart.

You can tilt the light head to even 45 degrees. Furthermore, you can adjust this feature so that the light pivots fit where you want them to fit. You can reduce the brightness if you want to fit it in a bedroom or dining room. Finally, this product matches with both classic and temporary design.

best floor lamps 1 Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp - Contemporary, High Lumen Light for Living Rooms & Offices



  • It matches with both temporary and classic design.
  • It is the brightest lamp in the market.


  • This light takes a bit longer to turn on.

Revel Akira Modern Floor Lamp

From a close look, it is one of the most beautiful lamps of all time. The elegant floor lamp that has been made with 3 lights is covered by a woven burlap shade. Light will easily come out from top to bottom. From there, it will bounce from the floor to other areas of the room. That is the secret behind the lamp’s strong pleasant ambiance.

If you want ultimate brightness, then you will be required to turn the three lights on at the same time. As it lights up your room, the long arms will be glowing from the same stem in the opposite direction. Similar to other common floor lamps in the market, this product can light a whole room on full intensity. What if you prefer a dimmer environment? In such instances, you can turn off one or two lights.

Therefore, this floor lamp will be the perfect choice lamp that you can use for any extremely large bedroom. The manufacturer should rectify the small base. People have been complaining that it tips over. Be assured that this floor lamp will be compatible with different types of bulbs. Finally, it will match with all traditional furnishings.

best floor lamps 2 Revel Akira 80 Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp with 3-Way Switch, Beige Burlap Drum Shades + Antique Bronze Finish


  • Adjustable height.
  • It is a durable product.


  • Singe brightness.

Brighttech Sparq Floor Lamp

It is a unique floor lamp that features a crescent shape. The high-quality floor lamp can shine even over your shoulders. You will be able to adjust the height of this floor lamp until it reaches the desired height. The floor lamp that boasts of 2000 intensity will allow you to read even small printed lines. It is also possible to see the steam on your cup of hot tea. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the lifespan on the bulb. You will notice a drastic reduction in electricity bills.

Away from that, this floor lamp has been manufactured with LEDs. You might be aware that LEDs are very energy efficient. They can also last for several decades. Besides producing a strong intensity, this floor lamp produces a natural and pleasant light. You will always have a soft and relaxing atmosphere when you light up this floor lamp. What are the most notable features of this floor lamp? It features a delicate and straightforward design that allows users to blend in and match easily with any type of decors. It will be hard to notice that it is there until you add a great look to the room

This floor lamp might turn to be too bright more so if you are looking forward to adding a soft ambiance. In that case, it is advisable to purchase an extra LED dimmer with remote control. The LED dimmer will be very hardy in such instances.

best floor lamps 3 Brightech Sparq - Hanging, LED Arc Floor Lamp - Over The Couch, Contemporary Standing Lamp - Modern, Dimmable Light Arching from Behind The Sofa - Living Room & Office Pole Lamp


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Space efficient.


  • Too heavy.

Brighttech Maxwell Modern Led Shelf Floor Lamp

Have you been wondering what to put in your living room or office? You should give this floor lamp a try. What does the lamp consist of? The package comes with three level shelf and a shade. You will have an easy time assembling this floor lamp. You will just take about 30 minutes to get the work done. Interestingly, you don’t need to have a manual with you.

The floor lamp that has a height of about 63 inches will occupy less space. If you have come across this floor lamp, then you can attest that the Japanese designed shelf lamp is pleasantly slender.

You will be able to customize the height of this floor lamp. There is no doubt that the height is perfect for a vase of flowers. You can keep your floor lamp either in a corner or next to your armchair. Furthermore, it boasts of a delicate vertical structure.

You can use the provided shelf to display your books and coffee mug. This will create an inviting atmosphere. You should be warned if you have some kids in your house. It is quite easy to push this floor lamp. From a distance, this floor lamp will look safer when you are in bed.

It can be quite hard to find a floor lamp that has been manufactured with a pull chain switch. It is also important to note that this floor lamp comes with a creamy white shade. It is not only thick but also firm. You should be guaranteed that this floor lamp will diffuse the light to give you a soft and even illumination in the whole room.

best floor lamps 4 Brightech Maxwell - Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp - Skinny End Table & Nightstand for Bedroom


  • This floor lamp is slender.
  • It provides you with space for other crucial objects.


  • It is not the perfect choice if you have small kids in your home.

#5 Brighttech Lifespan Led Floor Lamp

You will not find a better item on the market than this floor lamp. It is the perfect choice when it comes to reading. Are you aware that this floor lamp comes with a color temperature of about 6000K? The floor lamp will produce similar light as that of the sun or the cloudless noon.

The floor lamp that boasts of the color blue and white colors will help you stay fresh and alert all the times. Whether you are reading or even coding, you will always enjoy what you are doing. We promise you that you will have a beam on every detail at the maximum of 2000 lumens. That is the reason why many people prefer purchasing this floor lamp for elderly parents. They are essential when reading.

If that is not yet enough for you, you will be guaranteed to have full control of the light intensity. What should you do when you need a soft white glow? In such cases, you should consider decreasing the intensity by simply touching the button that lies between the bulb and the neck of the floor lamp.

This floor lamp will shine like a star. It will never emit heat. The manufacturer has made it to be energy efficient and with heat free LEDs on its head. When it comes to durability, this floor lamp has a lifespan of more than 20 years. You don’t have to worry about changing the bulb at any time.

The neck of this floor lamp is quite flexible. This allows the users to adjust the pivot light whenever it is necessary easily. An arm has been included in this floor lamp. In addition, the presence of a strong and sturdy base means that you will never experience any kind of shaking.

The durable and energy efficient floor lamp feature a perfect size that allows it to stay anywhere in the room. It will take just a small space. There are numerous color choices. Therefore, you will have the freedom to choose the perfect color that matches your home décor. Unfortunately, this floor lamp does not appear sparkling from a distance, but it will satisfy you if all that you need is high quality light.

best floor lamps 5 Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts & Reading - Estheticians' Light for Lash Extensions - Natural Daylight Lighting for Office Tasks


  • You will have a wide range of colors to choose from when you purchase this floor lamp.
  • It comes with an adjustable neck.


  • It has been made with only one single light color temperature.

#6 Brighttech Emma Led Floor Lamp

It is not only a simple floor lamp but also an elegant one. This floor lamp will complement your room with a delicate appearance. What are the unique features of this floor lamp? It has been made with long legs and a metal neck. The neck has been designed specifically to support the thick white cloth shade. The essence of the manufacturer, including the cloth shade, was to soften the light to a pleasant and gentle glow.

Thanks to the simplistic design that has been included by the reputable manufacturer. You can attest that the soft brown legs will match perfectly with any room decors. In case you love eastern and western style furniture, this floor lamp will be an ideal choice.

You can use it in case you want to neutralize a hot color schemed room. In the modern world, people prefer leaving this floor lamp over-packed with furniture of thousands of shapes and sizes. Furthermore, this product goes hand in hand with the bulb of lower than 150 watts.

best floor lamps 6 Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp – Mid Century Modern Standing Light for Contemporary Living Rooms


  • It can match with almost all decors.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.


  • The cord in this floor lamp runs in the middle of the legs.

#7 Brighttec Lightview Pro 6 Wheel Floor Lamp

This floor lamp has been designed with a good design that makes it extremely functional. The lamp has been designed with 90 LEDs to increase its accuracy. This means that it will focus light of 800 lumens. There is no doubt that it is high intensity for even light tasks. However, this light can be very bright if your eyes are sensitive.

Usually, the dimming touch that comes with this floor lamp is conveniently placed on the lamp head. You should place the top of your finger on the arrows until you are fully satisfied with the intensity.

The color temperature touch points are placed next to the dimming touch. This allows you to change the color with great ease. Do you want to boost your concentration and alertness? You will achieve this with the bright light offered by this floor lamp.

You can lower the light if you usually work into the night, and you are bound to go to bed in an hour or two. Typically, the LED lights in this floor lamp have been distributed in 2 rounds around.

The magnification function of this floor lamp is very handy. You can easily adjust the neck and arm of the lamp. This will maximize versatility.

best floor lamps 7 Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp


  • It has been manufactured with an adjustable light color.
  • High quality magnifier.


  • This floor lamp will not decorate your room.

#8 Brighttech Eclipse Led Floor Lamp

The black shell in this floor lamp has a thin wide and a heavy weighted base. You should go for a sleek silver finished version if you prefer a brighter floor lamp model. Where does the beauty of this floor lamp come from? It comes from the unique rings.

There are two rings in this floor lamp that include outer and inner rings. The inner and outer rings have been manufactured with dozens of LEDs. All the LEDs have been made with 2000 lumens. This floor lamp will heat the air around.

best floor lamps 8 Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp - Very High Brightness, Indoor Lamp - Living Room Standing Light


  • It features a firm base.
  • It is a colorful floor lamp with a fancy look.


  • This floor lamp does not support reading.

#9 Holden 70” Floor Lamp 

The unique thing about this floor lamp is the contemporary finish with a minimalistic design.  It has emerged as the perfect accent light that can be used for any space. The United States of America based floor lamp has an elegant update for modern and contemporary homes. This floor lamp will add a unique look to your dining room or even bedroom.

best floor lamps 9 Holden 70 Floor Lamp, Black, Satin Finish, In-Line On Off Foot Switch,12937


  • Accent light.
  • It comes with an exposed bulb.


  • It is very heavy.

#10 Taotronics Tt Dl072 Led Floor Lamp

It boasts of fully customizable illumination with several brightness levels that will create the most suitable free lighting. As you go for this floor lamp, you should know that it will last longer and shines even brighter. In terms of the structure, you can see that it is very stable. The adjustable neck allows you to direct the light where it is needed.

best floor lamps 10 TaoTronics TT-DL072 LED Floor Lamp, Modern Standing Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Dimmable Adjustable Gooseneck Task Lighting for Living Bedroom Reading Piano Room


  • Flexible neck.
  • It lasts longer.


  • It is very costly.

Things to consider when purchasing the best floor lamps in the market


This may seem more of a design choice. It is essential to know that the type of floor lamp will determine how the lamp will illuminate. In addition, it determines the kind of light you will see.


It is arguably one of the most critical factors you should put into consideration when choosing the best floor lamp. You should consider a long light source simply because it will spread the light widely. This will be great, especially for ambient lighting. However, it is not the perfect choice for task lighting. When you are doing a task, you will require the light more closer.

Away from that, you should consider the scale of everything in that room. Over the years, we have witnessed some floor lamps being designed with adjustable heights. This will be handy if you often switch things up.


In most cases, the size will vary. Narrow floor lamps will take a narrow amount of space. This is due to physical orientation. This means that you can easily fit them in the surrounding space. On the other hand, arc floor lamps will take more space.

Final thoughts

It is essential to pick a floor lamp based on what type of lighting your room needs. While some prefer ambient lighting, other people prefer the accent type of lighting. The best floor lamps should have a height of about 160cm. In addition, you should try to choose a floor lamp that matches the edges of similar lighting fixtures within your space. And now that we have reviewed the best floor lamps in the market, you will have an easy time when purchasing the best products in the market. We hope that you will find this review article helpful in the future. Kindly ask any questions that you may have.



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