10 Best Leather Gun Belts – Top Picks and Reviews

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There is no doubt that normal belts are boring. Normal belts will only keep your pants from falling. In the last couple of years, there have emerged belts that come with a lot of extra features. There is a reason why many people prefer purchasing leather gun belts. It is good to know that their length, width, and hardware are prime places.

We have rounded up the best leather gun belts in the market. So, take a look and you will never regret your decision.

Reviews of the Best Leather Gun Belts

Blade Tech Ultimate Carry Belt Slide Leather Belt

This leather belt has got you covered from the range to the office. Additionally, it is one of the very few leather gun belts that come with minimal styling. The best thing about this leather gun belt is that it will blend right into any outfit. Also, you should be guaranteed that it will be the perfect choice for concealed carriers looking for discretion. You will not be required to sacrifice your wardrobe when you consider purchasing this amazing leather gun belt.

Typically, this leather gun belt features an internal polymer core. This feature enables you to keep any size firearm right where you put it. This is the right time to forget the days of having to wear a double layer nylon belt. You don’t have to wear a stiff steel leather belt that is extremely stiff.

It is also worth noting that this leather gun belt was manufactured to handle the added weight of a firearm while at the same time sparing the bulk. You will have the full freedom to adjust the ultimate carry leather belt in fine increments. It is possible to do this without even adjusting the fine increment buckle. Having been manufactured with tough and water resistant materials means that this leather belt will have high tensile strength when compared to other belts in the market.


  • It has been manufactured with tough and water resistant materials.
  • This leather gun belt can be adjusted in a fine increment buckle.


  • The buckle might be too stiff.

Exos Gun Belt English Bridle Leather

This leather gun belt is proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Additionally, it is regarded as the top quality leather gun belt for men. Also, the popular leather gun belt has been handcrafted with high quality leather material. This makes it one of the sturdiest leather materials ever to be in the market.

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Be assured that this leather gun belt is strong enough to secure your holster. Away from that, you can keep anything you would want without worrying about the leather gun belt sagging. In the past, this leather gun belt has been praised as not only durable but also stylish. It is arguably the perfect choice for everyday wear simply because it has been manufactured to last a lifetime.

Other additional features in this leather belt include stainless steel hardware and recessed stitching. Last but not least, the manufacturer has included hole spacing to accommodate all holsters for concealed carry.


  • The manufacturer has included hole spacing to accommodate all holsters for concealed carry.
  • It comes with stainless steel hardware and recessed stitching.


  • It does not work as the manufacturer has advertised.

Dangerous Threads Concealed Carry Weapon Leather Belt

The buckles in this leather gun belt have been manufactured with high quality steel material. Additionally, the sturdy heavy duty steel comes attached with two strong metal snaps. Do you know that you can remove the buckle with great ease in case you want to substitute your own favorite buckle? Have you been searching for a reliable rugged belt for CCW wear? In that case, we have that belt you have been dreaming to have.

You will get a top quality leather gun belt that has been made with sturdy solid top grain leather. Besides helping you anchor your holster, you will be able to access your firearm with great ease. If that is not yet enough, the reputable manufacturer is known to guarantee their gun belts for life. The guarantee is always against any damage in materials for workmanship. This means that you will get a new replacement free of charge. Last but not least, this leather gun belt has unsurpassed quality. Therefore, it will never let you down.


  • This leather gun belt has been manufactured for the long hauls.
  • It is manufactured with premium leather material.


  • This leather gun belt is very big.

Historical Emporium Men’s Right Hand Tooled Leather Gun Belt

This is the right time to make sure that your wardrobe is complete with this leather gun belt. Additionally, it is loved by many gun lovers simply because it has been made with top quality tanned leather. Usually, this product features floral tooling on the leather gun belt. The function of the leather hammer loop and leg toe is to keep your gun secure. You will be able to achieve this whether you are galloping across the plains or taking part in the old fashioned shootout.

Furthermore, this leather gun belt allows two inches of adjustability. The manufacturer aim when coming up with this product was to have a high quality belt that would out match other leather belts in the market.

Moreover, this leather gun belt comes stitched in different thick leather sections. Normally, it features beautiful floral tooling on the belt. Another crucial feature that the manufacturer could not forget when making this leather gun belt is the leather leg tie strap. To secure your pistol in the right manner, the top leather belt maker has featured an adjustable leather hammer loop.


  • It is manufactured with top grain leather material. This guarantees the user’s durability.
  • This leather gun belt is quite comfortable.


  • It is very expensive.

Magpul Tejas Gun Belt EL Original

It is the first leather gun belt ever to be manufactured by the top belts manufacturer. The top leather gun belt has been manufactured from a combination of an inch and a half wide top grade bull hide leather. Besides that, it has been made to be strong and water resistant. Keep in mind that this leather gun belt is rigid enough to carry a holster while at the same time being comfortable for everyday use.

Away from that, this leather gun belt has proudly been manufactured in Texas, United States of America. Kindly remember that this is not just a great gun belt, but one of the greatest gun belts you will ever have in your wardrobe.

The top bull hide leather exterior layer is not only supportive but also flexible. The interior polymer in this leather gun belt will give the gun belt rigidity with dress belt comfort and a sag free performance. When it comes to the removable chrome buckle, it gives easy customization.


  • The removable chrome buckle gives easy customization.
  • The top leather exterior layer is supportive but also flexible.


  • It will get too malleable.

MM Gear Premium Leather Gun Belt

It is proudly handmade genuine cowhide leather in the United States of America. If you will not be happy with this leather gun belt, then you are free to return it to the manufacturer at no cost. The most interesting thing about this leather gun belt is that it will not stretch, bend or even sag.

It is by no doubt a strong and secure platform for your IWB and OWB holster. Away from that, the United States of America leather gun belt has a strong layer. Keep in mind that it is not multiple pieces stitched all together. Moreover, this leather gun belt is strong enough to carry all your gear and stylish enough for discreet everyday use.

Last but not least, this leather gun belt comes in a cardboard box that you can use to store your gun belt. It will definitely be a good gift for your boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. Finally, you are provided with a limited lifetime warranty after purchasing this leather gun belt.


  • This leather gun belt is designed for optimum performance and maximum comfort.
  • It will not stretch or even sag.


  • This leather gun belt is very soft for gun use.

Yourtack Men’s Steel Core Leather Gun Belt

This leather gun belt is manufactured to last at least ten years of use. Additionally, the manufacturer will fix issues for you and even do exchanges and repairs for free. From a close look, the manufacturer is very confident in their product. As you purchase this gun belt, you should be guaranteed that it will not roll out from the weight of a holster.

It will be the ideal choice for everyday carry. You will be able to hold your holster weapon or even mag pouches with this leather gun belt. Away from that, this leather gun belt is rugged with a new rustic look. It will never break or crack even when exposed to heavy duties.

Have you been looking for a 100% United States of America full grain harness leather that is manufactured to withstand the toughest elements? You are in the right place. The harness leather is produced with strength being the very first priority. Each of the belts has been made in the manufacturer’s official factory in Indiana. What is the essence of the waxy smooth finish in this leather gun belt? It will keep you looking fly. With that in mind, you should purchase this leather gun belt with confidence and knowledge and you are purchasing the best.


  • It has been made to withstand the toughest elements.
  • It can hold any concealed carry weapon.


  • It is a bit costly.

Leather Gold Padded Tool Belt

The manufacturer of this leather gun belt has been a trusted brand in leather goods for many years. Additionally, they have manufactured this gun belt with 3.5mm gauge heavy grain leather. It has been manufactured to serve you for a long time. The role of the soft and snug padding is to improve comfort. It ensures that your belt will not dig into your skin when you are carrying a heavy load.

Away from that, this leather gun belt is flexible and adjustable with multiple settings. The presence of a prolonged double buckle and multiple rows of holes means that you will have an easy time adjusting the grip based on your needs.


  • The soft and snug padding improves the comfort of this leather gun belt.
  • It is manufactured to last for many years.


  • The leather used to manufacture this leather gun belt stretches excessively.

Shotgun Lilli Black Genuine Leather Gun Belt

It is a new genuine leather gun belt. Additionally, the solid plain gun belt is a natural product that may contain imperfections. This is the right leather gun belt for your needs if you are tired of cloth belt fraying after constant use. This belt has been manufactured with top leather material that will not fray. Furthermore, it is a well-crafted and beautifully finished leather belt that will meet all your requirements for a top quality gun belt. The changeable buckle and steel core are some of the top features of this gun belt.


  • This leather gun belt has been manufactured to last for generations.
  • It is an affordable product that will be a great value for your hard owned money.


  • The maker should improve on the overall size of the leather gun belt.

Country Western Usa Brown Genuine Leather Gun Belt

It will be your everyday leather gun belt when you purchase it. You will love the comfort, support, and even the easily adjustable buckle. The maker is known to make some of the best leather belts in the business. Recently, they have been offering a huge variations on this belt.

Last but not least, it is a tough leather gun belt that will survive even the harshest elements. Finally, it comes with two years of limited warranty.


  • It comes with two years of limited warranty.
  • It is comfortable and has an easy to adjust buckle.


  • It contains several imperfections.

Things to consider when purchasing the best leather gun belts

In the market, you will find numerous leather gun belts. This means that it can be a tiresome process searching for the most reliable gun belts for your needs. In this section, we will discuss the most important things to consider when buying a leather gun belt.


Do you know that rigidity is the main factor that sets a good leather belt from other regular belts? It is the main reason why you purchase a leather gun belt. Why is this factor so essential to consider? It will keep everything from sagging. You might be aware that indeed firearms can be quite heavy. This means that a regular and low quality belt will sag. After being used for a long time, it will start sagging a lot.

Extra rigidity ensures that the belt holds the holster firmly in place. You would not want to have something that requires you to adjust the location of your holster in public.


In terms of quality, there are two main areas to focus on that include materials and stitching. It does not matter whether your gun belt has been manufactured with leather material. It should have been manufactured with higher end leather material that will resist wear and tear in the future for many years. It is good to know that stitching is where some budget gun belts skimp. To have good stitching in a gun belt, it will take time in manufacturing and money. That being said, you should find a good double stitched leather gun belt.


Have you ever used a leather gun belt designed for concealed carrying? If you have not been lucky to use it, you will be surprised how comfortable such leather gun belts can be. In most cases, comfort comes with a combination of almost all other things we have included in this section. While others prefer purchasing leather gun belts with traditional buckles, others love going for those with slide buckle. It all depends on your preferences and what you love.


There is no one who will be able to see your leather gun belt while concealed carrying. However, you will also come across some tuck holsters that have been manufactured in a unique way to show your belt. You can also agree with me that you would want to have a leather gun belt that looks good if you have enough money to purchase it.

At times, style can be subjective. That being said, you should consider looking for that which works best for you.

Number of uses

Will the leather gun belt be used by multiple users? That is the first question that should come into your mind every time when you are purchasing a leather gun belt. Will you be using the gun belt to teach your daughter or son how to use it? Multiple users simply mean that the specific leather gun belt can fit multiple body types and still remain a viable choice. With that in mind, you should consider how adjustable the leather gun belt is. It should always be a top consideration if you have plans to switch to another person.


Are you aware that concealed carry is designed with emergencies in mind? Will you be preventing a crime from happening or you are just protecting yourself and your family? The leather gun belt should be easy to access. If you know more about gun belts, then you can bring attestations that accessibility is the ultimate deciding factor that you should always keep in mind.

What is the best width for a leather gun belt?

Leather gun belts with a width of about 1.5 inches are considered the best. This is a perfect width that will give you enough motion to teach and also grab the gun hilt. It will achieve this without obstructing your pocket on your primary side. The width of 1.5 inches will be the best to fit standard issue carry weapon holster sizes. It will also be comfortable around your waist. Keep in mind that the type of pants you are wearing can also affect the use of your leather gun belt.

Benefits of having a leather gun belt

It will hold essential items

You should have a good and reliable leather gun belt if you are a member of the military or a law enforcement officer. The specific leather gun belt should provide you with instant access to important gear, including flashlights and other crucial tools.

Vital for survival

Leather gun belts are known to hold items that are very necessary for survival. Such items can be crucial to you or to other individuals. Although it mainly depends on your profession, a leather gun belt will ensure you and your friends are always protected.


It is another great thing for outdoor lovers. People prefer going for leather gun belts simply because they are rugged and can last for a long time. Leather gun belts also boast of the right amount of flexibility while at the same time enabling you to hold a lot of supplies.

Final thoughts

Durability, the brand, and price are by no doubt the most crucial things that should be considered when purchasing a leather gun belt. Additionally, you should not forget the style and the comfort of the leather gun belt. You should purchase the above leather gun belts with confidence that you are purchasing the best. All the above products are durable and will be a great value for your hard earned money. We hope that you will find the above reviews helpful as you plan to purchase your dream leather gun belt. Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


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