Accusharp Knife Sharpener Review: Pros and Cons

The Accusharp knife sharpener has been gaining a lot of popularity for all good reasons. People have been praising this knife sharpener because it can sharpen any knife in a matter of seconds. It will do the job like a professional sharpener. You should consider planning using this knife sharpener for a long time simply because it is practical, small and affordable. Additionally, this knife sharpener can be used for any type of blade you have on mind. Another interesting thing you will love about this knife sharpener is the quality.

We have decided to come up with a comprehensive review of this knife sharpener. Also, we have touched on the capabilities of this knife sharpener in this review article. Without further ado, we will dig in and talk about everything that makes this knife sharpener one of the best in the market.


Accusharp is a product line that was started by a popular company called Fortune Products Inc. The manufacturer started making sharpeners in 1984. According to the manufacturer website, this sharpener was first introduced in 1984. It is good to know that the manufacturer boasts of three decades worth of experience in the industry.

The highly regarded company operates and makes their products in the United States of America. It is also worth noting that this pulls through style sharpener worn gold in 2014. The 2014 gold award was given by the International Housewares Association.


Reasonably priced

There is no doubt that this knife sharpener is pretty cheap. Besides the cheap price, you will get a knife sharpener that comes with a lifetime warranty. This makes it an advantage as far as many people are concerned. It is good to keep in mind that from the many products available in the market, only a few of them cost around this price and give you a lifetime guarantee. What will happen when you encounter any issues with the device? You will be required to send postage to their location in Texas. The manufacturer will repair or replace this product for you.

Easy to use and attractive design

Have you ever seen this knife sharpener in action? You might have noticed that it is not very different from a pull through style. Are you unfamiliar with the pull through style? All that you need to know in that case is that it is manufactured to pull your heel to tip. This will be against the abrasive. It is not very different simply because you will be applying a similar motion. What is the main function of the finger guard strap? This feature is very crucial in ensuring that you don’t cut yourself when you are swiping your sharp blade.

Easy storage

You can agree with me that indeed this knife sharpener is quite small. The easy to store knife sharpener will give you an easy time when carrying it anywhere. If you have come across this knife sharpener, then you can attest that it is very different from bulky electric variations. The best thing about this knife sharpener is that you can throw it in your backpack. This makes it one of the best products you can carry when hunting or camping. Another notable thing that the manufacturer has included in this knife sharpener is the abrasives. The unique thing about these abrasives is that they are not exposed when compared to other designs. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your sharpener getting damaged.


This is where this knife sharpener trumps other to pull through. You will definitely love the swiping motion. It is the swiping motion in this knife sharpener that makes it feel natural and easy especially when you are working on longer blades and tools. You will notice that it feels awkward when you try working on a longer blade or tool. This feature makes this knife sharpener one of the most versatile products ever to be in the market. This means that you can use this knife sharpener to work on a number of different blades and tools.


Durability is one of the major pros you will always look in a knife sharpener. There is no doubt you would want a sturdy and durable knife sharpener. Unlike other knife sharpeners out in the market, this sharpener boasts of a solid design. The high quality knife sharpener is manufactured with durable materials. You will find numerous positive reviews about this product quality. This is a true testament for the quality and overall durability of this knife sharpener.

One of the major reasons why this knife sharpener is durable is the fact that it is manufactured with the highly regarded diamond carbide components. Actually, diamond carbide is responsible for the sharpening itself. Do you know that diamond carbide is treated as one of the hardest materials ever to exist on the planet? That being said, you can use this knife sharpener to sharpen even the hardest knives. Furthermore, you can use this knife sharpener for old knives that are damaged. Away from that, the hard materials enable this sharpener to be used in repairing minor damages while at the same time making your knife perfectly sharp within several seconds.

Quick Results

This is the right knife sharpener for people who do not care about the art of sharpening. You will like it since it is as quick and easy as it gets. There are many people who are not interested in learning and applying the technique of using a stone. That is why they prefer looking for a quicker and simpler solution like this knife sharpener. You should be guaranteed that the results of this knife sharpener will be phenomenal. They will even be better more so if you don’t have enough time to invest in a razor sharp edge.

Handle that is safe

Are you aware that sharpening knives in this way always look dangerous? That is the reason the manufacturer of this knife sharpener invented a clever handle. The clever handle makes this knife sharpener 100%. This means that injuries will be a thing of the past. Be guaranteed that the process will always be safe no matter the type of knife you will be sharpening. You will never have any issues. On the other hand, the handle and the protection stripe is manufactured with durable and heavy duty materials. All these materials are resistant to the knife blades.

Fast and effective sharpening

You will be required to place the knife to be sharpened on the table if you want to get started in sharpening. The cutting edge should be up. Additionally, it can be better if you consider holding your knife with one hand. Ensure that you do it firmly.  From there, you should let the V notch be on the blade. It is advisable to use the right thumb to apply extra pressure.

When you are using this knife sharpener for the first time, you might be required to have several passes. Always ensure that your cutting angle conforms to the angles. You will need to have several passes when the angle is achieved for the first time. In most cases, you will take just three brief passes. This means that the sharpening will be able to fit in your busy schedule. You don’t have to interfere with it.


Edge Angle 

This is something you should consider before purchasing your knife sharpener. The abrasives in this knife sharpener are set at an angle of 21 degrees on each side. It will be better if you own a Western style blade. In that case, you will never experience any problem. However, this will not be the case if you work with a 15 degrees Asian blade. This will pose a lot of problems since this knife sharpener has not been manufactured to work at 15 degrees.

Chisel edges

Before purchasing this knife sharpener, it is good to know that it will not work on chisel shaped blades. Are you aware that most edges are shaped on one side? In most cases, they need just one side to work. It is close to impossible to do one sided sharpening with this knife sharpener.

Final Thoughts

The unique design in this knife sharpener allows you to reverse the blades. This allows you to double the lifespan of your sharpener. In the past, people who have been lucky to use this knife sharpener have reported an average of five to ten years.

As you make your purchase, you should rest assured that it will never rust. You can easily clean your knife sharpener easily with soap and water in your dishwasher. And now that you have read this detailed review, you can go on and make your purchase. We hope that you will find it helpful in the future. Do you have any question regarding the Accusharp knife sharpener? You can ask our friendly team. Till next time! Thanks.


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