What is A Wall Safe? Pros and Cons

What is A Wall Safe
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The need of keeping personal valuables is not something alien to the community.

There is a variety of ways you can secure your belonging. One of them is to store your importance in a wall safe.

Like many other asset security lockers, this type of safe has its pros and cons to analyze.

What is a wall safe? Read on to know the why and why not to invest one.

Wall safes: Your secret keeper

People trust a solid safe for concealing their important documents, cash, gold, and many other valuables.

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A wall safe

A wall safe is a box made of stiff metal with a door lock accessible by a passcode. Modern safes make of fingerprint to open which is even more fortified. Exclusive safes have the ability to withstand fire

It is embedded in a wall stud and usually dug behind a decoration to put the thieves off the scent.

The safes are available in plenty of sizes and prices. The bigger the volume, the more expensive it costs.

Larger safes can have the size of a door to accommodate more stuff. However, those are bulky thus may require a team to install.

Benefits of wall safes

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That said, safes inside a wall have all the mean to guard your properties. Is it a good investment to keep your secret protected? Let’s see what a wall safe can bring.


“Out of sight, out of mind.” The majority of a safe is to keep your stuff shielded. If the house owner knows how to hide a wall safe where the criminals have a hard time to find, they will skip it and move on grabbing something else.

Inserted on the wall at about the chest high of an adult, a wall safe lets you access to it with ease.

More than that, the box doesn’t consume any space out of the wall that will save room and make it less exposed to people’s eye.

Thanks to the ability to submerge to a cavity, the box is easy to lie close.


The thickness of the wall limits the space in the box. That means if you don’t have a thick wall, you don’t have many larger options of a safe.

Especially for fire rating safes, they require the wall to be at least 12 to 15 inches of depth.

The safes that are not fireproof, it is unavoidable that flammable material inside will turn to ash if there is a big fire.

What you want in a wall safe?

If you decide to have a wall safe for your home, or office, there are things you should mark down when buying one.

Security level

Storing priceless diamond necklaces in a thin-door wall safe risks your jewel to be stolen at all mean. If you own such valuable, a higher level of security is a must.

Your passcode should be kept private to yourself. Or you can pay some extra for an advanced biological unlock method.

In the situation where the intruder is high-tech educated, a fingerprint pass will deter his will to break.

Typically, a small sized wall box is not integrated with this high-end protection. What you can do is to reinforce it with an ordinary cover to disguise.


Depends on the number of assets you store, your lockbox can be big or small.

Ask if you need shelving. For long guns and rifles, a tall wall safe will make room for them.

Lock options

Nowadays, the clock dial is a conventional style. You can see wall safes with keypad and a digital screen that shows the digits.

Besides, biometric unlock is no longer a movie fiction. Maybe we can expect an opening method from the face, eye or even gestures.

Wall safe ratings

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Before releasing to the market, all safes are tested and rated in four standards:

  • UL: Underwriter Laboratories
  • TL: Efficiency of infiltrated proof
  • B-ratings and C-ratings: Thickness of the safe’s door and wall
  • Fire: Ability to hold the content in extreme heat and explosive condition

Are you interested in a wall safe?

There you have the basic understanding before getting yourself a wall safe.

For a small to medium size safes, you can definitely install it at home with some decent measuring work. It is fine if you are not a tech-savvy, order the safe and a team to help you set it up.

Don’t forget to keep the passcode securely and don’t share with any untrusted one. Make use of the wall safe effectively; you will see this is a wise investment of your lifetime.

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