Cleaning Made Easy – Clever Ways to Keep a House Clean and Tidy

Are you wondering how you can effectively keep your house clean to save yourself the hassle of weekend cleaning? The secret approach is to do a bit of cleaning every day to prevent the pile-up of messes.

Once you make it a habit of cleaning and tidying your house every day, you won’t have to spare or sacrifice your weekends to get things back in good order. Between parenthood, work, and errands, learning how to clean up your home can be one of the most difficult lessons you learn.


Even though it may seem impossible to execute everything on your plate, you can apply some simple tips to keep your nest in order. Here is a list of some of the greatest tips to help you get started on your goal of realizing everyday cleanliness in your home.

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1. Start By Making Your Bed

Start By Making Your Bed

Your bed is probably the most visible feature in your bedroom and having a bed that isn’t made makes the entire room look untidy.

If you do not enjoy tucking in the sheets, then you might want to consider switching to the duvets that incorporate removable covers, as these you can launder every week. You simply pull up the removable cover and you have a tidy bed.

2. Empty the Packed Dishwasher

If you time yourself, you are bound to discover that emptying a dishwasher even if it’s packed to capacity only takes five minutes. To save time, you can perform this simple task as your coffee brews. By emptying your dishwasher, you prevent dishes from collecting in the sink, thus making your kitchen space look much tidier. What’s more, you keep household pests at bay by using this simple strategy.

3. Remember To Clean Up After All Meals

Your kitchen will look awful and unsightly if you’ve got dirty countertops. Since you have already put in the effort to empty your dishwasher, load the dishes after every meal and then clean your counters. Wiping it down alone does not yield the results you’re looking for. While you do not necessarily have to remove everything from countertops, you can put all food away, then wipe around the other items left on the countertops.

4. Wipes Faucets and Sinks

wipe faucet and sink
wipe faucet and sink

Hairs and toothpaste splatters in bathroom sinks look nasty. You can grab disinfecting wipes and wipe off the mess from faucets and sinks before you start your day. It is advisable that you do this every day to prevent the mess from getting out of control. Remember, it only takes a few seconds to wipe off the mess.

5. Know the High Traffic Areas

You need to ensure the high traffic areas are cleaned on a daily basis to prevent the spread of dust and dirt throughout your home. Create a dedicated spot at the entrance of your house for keeping shoes and remind each family member to take off their shoes when entering the house.

This helps by keeping all dirt from shoes contained in a single spot. For your furry friends, you can place a towel at the doorstep to enable them to quickly wipe their paws as they enter the house.

robot vacuum cleaner

Pick up any small messes including scraps of paper, food particles, cat hair, and other messes from your carpet. Make sure you sweep and vacuum these high-traffic areas every day, as it only takes a couple of minutes to accomplish this task.

However, you can save yourself a lot of time and so many hassles by using a robot vacuum cleaner. Travis Young from Wired Smart says robot vacuums that feature mapping capabilities are highly efficient and effective, as they cover the room fully.

Such vacuums rely on sensors and cameras to understand and map a room in the initial clean. With this information, the robot vacuum cleaner maps a plan that it uses on later cleanups thus making it effective for cleaning the home.

6. Declutter

You may need to implement this over some time. However, taking your time to perform a declutter exercise and organize your house drastically reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning.

Have a spot for all items (make sure they are easy to access and easy to store or keep away), as doing so makes it much easier to keep rooms tidy for you and your family members. With fewer items left out on the surface tops and counters, cleaning is quicker.

7. Switch out Dirty Clothes and Towels Immediately

Do not let those smelly dish towels, hand towels, washcloths linger. Every evening after you are done doing the dishes, collect dirty linens and toss them all in the laundry.

For easier replacement, you might want to consider keeping the replacements in an accessible location in the kitchen.

8. Develop a Daily Laundry Habit

Develop a Daily Laundry Habit

Doing your laundry every day is a major game-changer. You simply need to pop in a load before you head out to work and then transfer the load to the dryer later in the evening when you return from work. Fold the clothes immediately after removing them from the dryer and put them away.

9. Sort & Recycle Paper

Keep papers and other similar items from accumulating on your dining table and kitchen island by sorting the mail the moment you walk into your house. Put important letters and bills in your mail sorter and run all junk mail through a shredder.

10. Get Everyone Involved

While it is often easier to accomplish tasks yourself, teaching your kids to handle the age-appropriate tasks and jobs will prove to be better in the end. You can start by just getting your little ones to pick up after themselves by loading the dishwasher, putting their shoes and coats away, and cleaning their rooms.

When your children chip in to help with some of the simple household chores, you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes in the tidiness of your home.

Figuring out how to keep your home clean may initially seem like a task that’s impossible to accomplish.

However, with a bit of effort and time, you can develop great house cleaning habits that will enable you to keep your space tidy all year round. You can simply implement the tips suggested above and prevent an unsightly pile-up of messes in your home.

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