The Ultimate Guide on Searching For the Perfect Filtration System

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It is without a question that water is not just for our species survival but has become an important part of our daily routines because of things like cooking, cleaning, and drinking. A lot of us have become so used to clean water that we end up taking it for granted. However, it is important to understand that even in the most developed cities and societies, water might be filled with contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria that are not good for our health.

Hence, it is very important to get a thorough understanding of these chemicals and the type of filtration system needed to get rid of them. The current marketplace is filled with water filters but they are not all the same.

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This article will explore how to search for the best filtration system for your needs.

Figuring out Filter Needs

There are many different kinds of water filtration systems available to meet consumer needs. It is important to understand that no filter will eliminate all contaminants. According to the US center for control of disease, it is important that the filter is NSF certified and this can be checked by searching their database. Most filters have labels that state which contaminants they will reduce specifically.

Hence, finding the right filter will depend based on your needs and what contaminants are mostly located in your region. Another good advice is to never assume that because a filter removes a certain contaminant it might be good at removing another different contaminant. For example, filters that remove chemicals might not be able to remove germs and vice versa.

It is also important to understand that some filters might remove necessary minerals from water such as fluoride which is good for building strong teeth. It is advisable that one calculates how much water they drink per year and whether they should just buy water bottles or a water filtration system.

The cost is very important in doing a cost-benefit analysis to determine which method might be cheaper. Some water treatment systems require an extensive change of filters every few months and this can get expensive quickly. How filter prices vary from as low as $20 to thousands of dollars for professional installation.

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Filter Choices

In-home water treatment methods range from water filter pitchers, tap faucet-mounted filters, faucet built-in filters, on counter filters, under sink filters, and whole-house treatment units. Hence, it is important to know exactly what you want your filter to remove before you go shopping. Below you will find some more in-depth explanation of each type of filtration system:

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Water filter pitchers: These pitchers have two different compartments with a small filter in between them. They can be filled with tap water from the top and the water flows through the filter into the lower compartment by the force of gravity. They are inexpensive to purchase and require no installation. However, filters must be replaced regularly, usually every 2 months, and the filtering speed is slow.

Refrigerator filters: A lot of the newer fridges have built-in filters on the door that are able to filter water for the purpose of drinking and ice making.

Faucet mounted filters: These filters attach to a faucet and have the ability to be switched on and off. They are easy to install and can be cheap, however, they might not fit all faucet types and water filtration could be slow.

Faucet built-in filters: These types of filters come with your faucet system and require installation. They have the ability to switch between purified or unpurified water. They can be more expensive and filters could be much harder to replace, thus are usually not very convenient.

The Ultimate Guide on Searching For the Perfect Filtration System Faucet built-in filters (2)

On counter filters: These filters are installed on a position that is usually close to your water lines. They are connected directly to your main water line and require installation and could get expensive depending on what type of filter you need.

Under-sink filters: These filters are installed under the sink and connected to the main water lines. They pump the water through a pipe to the specially installed faucet for treated water. They are able to filter a large amount of water at once but can be very expensive and require harder installation.

Whole house water treatment: These types of devices are usually located in the basement, roof, or outside the house. They are large equipment pieces that treat all incoming water to the house, which would include all kitchen and bathroom water. These types of systems require specialized professionals to install and maintain and can be very expensive.

As you can see there are many water filtration systems out there. The choice should be dependent on your local water conditions. If you live in an older area with hundred year old pipes or if you live a far distance away from the water treatment plant. Than investing in a more complex whole house reverse osmosis system is considered a good option. If your sub division is relatively new and/or closer to the water treatment plant, then you could simply buy a cheaper counter top filter to just improve the taste of water. In general, the options are endless and would depend on your water conditions.

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