Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding





When it comes to welding, ultraviolet rays, infrared lights, and melted metals are some of the few hazardous chemicals welders deal with every day. Welding comes with a risk as well. It includes electric shock, eye injury, and skin burns. So when it comes to preparing personal protective equipment, welders are strict about it. For them, wearing the correct and high-quality protective equipment can save you from harmful dangers. Welding safety starts with an understanding of all the possibilities of what could go wrong and the correct action when it happens.

Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding

Here are some of the safety gear you need to prepare before you start welding.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 1 Gloves

When it comes to welding, your hand is mostly the one that does the job. Your hands are exposed to intense heat and radiation. Having comfortable and flame resistant welding gloves will help you concentrate on what you do. Most importantly, it keeps you away from getting injured. Without proper gloves, you are just putting your hands in danger.

With so many types of gloves available in the market, it’s very easy for you to find the right one that is comfortable for your hand and fits perfectly for welding. However, be very mindful of what you purchase. Gloves are a piece of equipment that no welder could not afford to bring.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 2 Helmet

Wearing a helmet is one of the most important protective equipment you should always prepare before welding. It protects your eyes as well as your skin from sparks and radiation. Without it, the radiation from burning a metal can damage your skin, as well as your eyes. The most recommended type helmet, according to welding machine review, is the one that has an auto-darkening feature. This type of helmet immediately darkens when the arc starts to spark. With the help of wearing a helmet, you can easily see the weld puddle. If you don’t want the auto-darkening helmet, you can simply use a fixed-shade helmet.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 2 Boots

Welders need to wear the right boots that comply with their company’s local safety standards or by natural guidelines. There are specific boots for welding, and wearing one offers additional protection for your foot and shielding it from sparks and heavy objects. If you don’t wear proper shoes, you will be putting yourself in a very vulnerable stage. You can get electrocuted, a sharp object might penetrate on your shoes, burns, and you might slip or fall. These are just some of the possible dangers you might experience when not in proper uniform.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 2 Sleeves - Copy

Having a good sleeve is a great investment if you’re into welding. It saves your skin from heat and spark that comes from the arc and molten metal. Sleeves are made up of leather and sometimes are fireproof. They come very helpful when you start to notice your shirt you are wearing begin to have tiny holes from the sparks. You can also get a jacket dedicated to welding, but it can get very hot at times. Sleeves, on the other hand, will keep you comfortable and cool. Pairing it with a t-shirt that has a flame-resistant feature will give you protection during light-duty welding.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 2 Jacket

Having a welding jacket adds another layer of protection to your body. It saves your skin and clothes from heat and sparks that come from melting a metal. Look for something that will make you feel comfortable and has high-quality materials. For people who do not dwell much in heavy welding, cotton jackets are the best for you. They are flame-resistant. However, if you are into heavy welding leather jackets is the one for you. Welders use leather jackets ever since. They provide the best durability and flame resistance when doing heavy workload. Once you find the perfect jacket for you, make sure that the jack fits perfectly on you.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 2 Respirators - Copy

When you melt metals, it produces different harmful chemicals. Having a respirator with you is a good safety protective gear to keep you away from inhaling toxic particles that are very harmful in your lungs. Most gases are invisible to the naked eye. Since its small, it can easily go into your lungs and cause a major health problem. If you work in an open, well-ventilated area, you can just use a dusk mask. However, if you are in a compact and air ventilation is limited, make sure you use your full mask.


Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding Hats

Welders can also be a bit stylish every time they do their job. A welding hat adds a little design and an impression to the welder’s protective gear. Welding hats have some different cool, funky patterns and colorful aesthetics. Some welders instead of using a hat, they prefer beanies or bandanas to protect their ears from sparks and help keep away sweat from coming into their eyes. However, no matter what the welder’s style is, choose a welding hat that can provide you comfort and extra protection. Make sure that it fits perfectly with your helmet. Remember hats that have more cotton in it provides a layer of protection but can get a bit hot if you wear them throughout the day.

Ear Protection

Safety Gear You Need To Have Before You Start Welding 2 Ear Protection

Wearing an ear muff or an earplug helps your protect your ears from loud sounds. However, in welding, it also protects your ears from sparks and debris that can fly off in any direction. Things like sparks and other hazardous particles can easily go anywhere with the help of the wind. Packing one in your bag is a good idea. Purchase ear protection that can cover your whole ear. There are also kinds of protection that are fireproof, so consider having one of those. If you cannot find any, do not use winter earmuffs as a substitute. It has different materials compared to the one used by welders and it can easily get burned.

All of these gears are necessary when welding. Safety should be the number one concern of everybody when trying to get this job and having all these protective equipment helps you not just do your job but also to keep you away from any risk when doing this type of job.

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