10 Best Ratchet Gun Belts And Buying Guide

There is no doubt that Ratchet gun belts are the kings of adaptability. These gun belts come with a unique buckle mechanism. You can agree with me that you would want to have a durable and high quality ratchet gun belt that will not become defective after using it for a while. So, if you have been looking for the most reliable ratchet gun belt, we have got you covered. Here are the top ratchet gun belts in the market.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts

Reviews of the Best Ratchet Gun Belts

Mission Belt Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

This ratchet gun belt boasts of one of the best buckle closure. Additionally, it has been made with genuine leather material. Also, the smooth leather comes with no needless holes to crack and wear out. You should rest assured that it is perfect for every time. Besides that, this ratchet belt is scratch resistant. The ¼ inches spaced teeth allow you to adjust to the exact size you need.

On the other hand, the removable buckle is very crucial when you are going through airport security. You can easily swap the buckles. It is also possible to cut leather down to a smaller size if necessary. The reason why you should consider purchasing this ratchet gun belt is that it is manufactured in standard lengths. The holes in this ratchet gun belt are one inch apart. This means that sometimes the gun belt can be too tight or too loose.

Over the years, we have witnessed the manufacturer revolutionizing the ratchet gun belt by removing the standard buckles. Unlike other ratchet gun belts, this product uses the ratcheting system that allows users to customize their perfect fit by making ¼ inch micro adjustments. This is the right time to throw away those saggy ratchet gun belts and start afresh with this high quality gun belt.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts 1


  • It comes with a ratcheting system.
  • You can customize to a perfect fit by making micro adjustments.


  • People have been claiming that it is an inferior quality product.

Slidebelts Men’s Gun Belt.

It is an incredibly comfortable fit. Additionally, it joins other top ratchet gun belts with no holes. This means that you can precisely adjust your belt to the perfect fit. Also, the easy to use buckle is very crucial in making adjusting the belt effortlessly. You can easily interchange it with their straps. You will spend a few minutes to quickly and easily trim down the strap to your preferred waist size.

If you have been lucky to use this ratchet gun belt, then you can agree with me that it is very different from other ratchet belts on the market. It is the patented design that makes this belt more functional and easy to use. This is the ideal time to get the perfect combination for any occasion with interchangeable straps and buckles.

The leather material used to make this ratchet gun belt looks good. It is good to know that you will always want to wear it until cows come home. Besides being animal free, this ratchet gun belt is vegan leather. Keep in mind that it is long lasting when compared to traditional leather. The custom cut fit sizing enables this belt to be the perfect gift for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts 2


  • It is a comfortable fit.
  • The leather material used to make this belt is durable.


  • The user manual is not accurate.

Chaoren Leather Ratchet Belt

The top quality ratchet gun belt allows up to 1/5 inches adjustment. This is for perfect fit for every person. Additionally, the adjustable gun belt comes with an easy to remove buckle. The removable buckle allows the user to cut the black belt into the ideal size. Furthermore, this belt will sharp your kind of personality attractive.

All that is required on your side is to just slide the dress belt into the sliding buckle. From there, you should pull the leather belt through. The buckle will automatically lock. What if you want to release the ratchet belt? In that case, you should gently push the lever on the side of the automatic buckle. After that, the lock will snap. You can see that it is a simple and smooth ratchet gun belt.

Moreover, this ratchet gun belt will provide you with maximum durability. The brown belts will provide the high texture refined look. If that is not yet enough, the high intensity stylish buckle is lighter and scratch resistant. The main aim of the manufacturer is to leave their customers satisfied. That is the reason why they provide a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee to their customers. If you are not pleased with what you get, you can return your product any time without hesitation.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts 3


  • They will provide you with a free exchange.
  • The buckle in this ratchet gun belt is lighter and scratch resistant.


  • Expensive.

Men’s Holeless Leather Ratchet Click Belt

In the last couple of years, this ratchet gun belt has emerged as the perfect fit hole-less belt. The best thing about this ratchet gun belt is that it allows numerous adjustments. You can agree with me that you have been searching for such belts since they allow comfortable perfect fit everywhere. People love this ratchet gun belt simply because they can customize it at home. This makes it the perfect gift idea.

The timeless design is for every gentleman of all ages and all occasions. Furthermore, this ratchet gun belt has been manufactured with genuine cowhide leather. Also, it features a 32 position track system. The durable alloy ratchet buckle is removable and interchangeable with other belts. After purchasing this ratchet gun belt, you will be given a one year warranty.

Moreover, this ratchet gun belt has been designed to have a smooth flowing locking mechanism. You will get a durable gun belt that is not only lightweight but also sleek in style. The free return guarantee ensures that there is high level of customer satisfaction.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts 4


  • This ratchet gun belt comes with a free return guarantee.
  • You will get a durable belt that is lightweight and has a sleek style.


  • It is quite hard to attach the buckle.

Anson Belt And Buckle-men’s Concealed Carry Ratchet Belt

It is a micro adjustable and hole-less ratchet style belt. The most unique feature that the manufacturer has included in this ratchet gun belt is the track system. This track system allows you to make micro adjustments. You have the full freedom to adjust the ratchet gun belt without the limitations of holes. Additionally, this ratchet gun belt has been made with a hard plastic core. This is for added strength and stability throughout. This means that you can carry this ratchet gun belt at any position while at the same time achieving the perfect fit.

In case you need a smaller size, you can trim any excess. This can be done from the raw end of the strap. Usually, this part inserts into the buckle. Many people have found this feature helpful and cost efficient. The manufacturer of this belt has also established a popular concept of mixing and matching covered too. All the straps and buckles are interchangeable.

Moreover, they join other top manufacturers who provide a lifetime guarantee on the functionality of all their products. This means that they are willing to repair if anything happens to the functionality of your gun belt. Last but not least, their ratchet gun belts have been used for more than 50 years in Asia and Eastern Europe. They are not the cheapest brand nor the most expensive. All that you should know when purchasing their products is that they provide exceptional products that will serve you for many years.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts 5


  • They provide a money back guarantee.
  • This ratchet gun belt is easily adjustable.


  • It does not distribute the load great.

Ratchet Click Belt 2 Pack Leather Slide Dress Comfort Belt

One thing you will love about this ratchet gun belt is that it comes with easy to use ratchet buckle. You can lift the top face of the buckle to get the belt sliding through. Another notable thing you will like about this ratchet gun belt is that it features a micro adjustable position ratcheting system. The ratcheting system can be adjusted ¼ inch at a time. This ensures that you always have a comfortable fit all the time.

You can trim the easy to remove buckle with just a pair of scissors to fit your waist size. What are you waiting for to say farewell to in between sizes? The manufacturer has established a good name in the market by providing 30 days full refund. You will also be given 90 days of full replacement for quality and craftsmanship issues. What if you have any questions concerning this product? You should go to the manufacturer’s website and ask the question. They will reply to you within 24 hours.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts


  • This ratchet gun belt will hold fine just like the normal belt.
  • It is worth the price.
  • It is easy to use the ratchet gun belt.


  • There have been complaints about the warranty.

Falari Leather Belt Ratchet Belt Holeless

There are no holes in the automatic ratchet belt. Additionally, the highly polished buckle has perfect dimensions. This belt allows you to trim down to your exact waist size. The manufacturer has been making high quality ratchet gun belts for many years now. They don’t compromise on the quality of their products. Their main objective is providing high quality and durable products that will last for long. This can be seen with their quality guarantee.

The buckle varieties are interchangeable. The ratchet is the only way to go simply because this belt will fit perfectly on any given day. You will look stylish and admirable when you wear this ratchet gun belt. With that in mind, what are you waiting to invest in the most durable ratchet gun belt in the market?

Best Ratchet Gun Belts


  • It is a great quality ratchet gun belt.
  • It looks good and stylish.


  • It will chew into the belt strap.

Ryno Gear Men’s Genuine Leather 35mm Wide Ratchet Leather Belt

The versatile ratchet gun belt features a high fashion design on both sides. Additionally, you can finish off any look in black and brown. Also, the classic belt with a well-matched buckle and strap can perfectly fit your fashion dresses and jeans. The leather belt boasts of innovative improvement by Micro Fabric. Be guaranteed that it will provide the maximum durability for deforming resistance in the holes. This makes it perfectly fit in the ratchet buckle.

Last but not least, the ratchet buckle is manufactured with high quality and durable Zinc Alloy. The buckles have a high quality decoration for scratch resistance.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts


  • It boasts of innovative improvement by Micro Fabric.
  • This ratchet gun belt has maximum durability.


  • It is a bit costly when compared to other ratchet gun belts in the market.

X Xhtang Men’s Ratchet Belt With Genuine Leather

The highly preferred ratchet leather gun belt can be trimmed to fit any size. Additionally, the manufacturer has included a tape measure and clear instructions in the package. Do you know that you can cut your belt to perfection in seconds? Also, this belt has not to slide mechanism and holes. You only need to slide the leather belt into the buckle and pull through. If you want to release, you should gently push the level.

The leather belt is a bit wider. The genuine leather gun belt is complemented with a highly fashionable buckle. From a close look, you can see that the leather belt for men is elegantly designed with class. On the other hand, scratch resistant buckles are manufactured to last for many years.

It is an ideal men accessory to wear as an everyday belt and goes great with a uniform. You can change the belt size to match your daily style. The top ratchet gun belt maker has been providing customers with the most pleasant experience. Finally, the 180 days return enables you a risk free purchase.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts


  • This product comes with 180 days return.
  • It boasts of a removable buckle.


  • This ratchet gun belt will not stay latched.

Cremson Men Gift Genuine Leather Metal Buckle

People have praised the sleek fashioned looking ratchet gun belt. Usually, the buckles smoothly slide on the rubber track. Are you aware that you can remove the strap and cut it to the desired length? From there, you will be able to replace the buckle. In that situation, you are required to follow the instructions in the included manual. This is the perfect time to surprise your husband or boyfriend with this amazing ratchet gun belt.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts


  • This ratchet gun belt works well.
  • It is a sleek fashioned gun belt.


  • The plastic tab in the buckle area is very difficult to remove.

Things to consider when purchasing the best ratchet gun belts in the market

Over the years, there have emerged numerous brands that provide different kinds of ratchet gun belts. Therefore, it can be confusing and quite challenging deciding on the best ratchet gun belt to purchase. However, there are several basics that will help you pick a ratchet gun belt that suits you. In this section, we will discuss some of the factors you should consider when you are shopping for a ratchet gun belt.

Equipment you are going to carry

Ratchet gun belts can be used to carry different types of equipment. Therefore, you should only pick something that is perfect for the job. It is important to purchase a belt that is designed to carry the kind of attachments that you often use.


It is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing your dream ratchet gun belt. Besides having a durable and strong ratchet gun belt, you should have something that feels and loos good.  There are numerous materials to choose from. However, the most common and durable materials are leather and nylon.

Nylon is considered as the cheapest of all. It will withstand tension better. It is also worth noting that nylon does not bend. You will have an easy time adjusting the ratchet gun belt manufactured with nylon material. On the other hand, leather is the most stylish. Ratchet gun belts constructed with leather material are also durable. You can wear ratchet gun belts with formal attire.


Will you be wearing your ratchet gun belt for long durations? In that case, comfort will be an important factor to consider. Kindly ensure that the ratchet gun belts you purchase provide comfort levels even when loaded for long periods. However, comfort differs from person to person. As an individual, you have an idea of how comfort feels like. While some people prefer purchasing a ratchet gun belt that snugly fits on their waists, some people love belts with some wiggle room. It is up to you to choose what you like.

Belt width

You will be able to carry more items with great ease when you consider purchasing a wide belt. It is good to purchase a ratchet gun belt that does not sag or bend. However, you will come across some ratchet gun belts that are very wide. You should avoid such kinds of belts since they feel cumbersome and uncomfortable. Additionally, it has been discovered that wider ratchet gun belts much stiffer. They are manufactured in this way to compensate for their large area. As we said earlier in this article, it is all about what you love most. What might be best for you will not be the best for another person. Therefore, you should make a wise decision.


Usually, the belt price will determine the type of product you are going to get. In most cases, the cheapest ratchet gun belts are manufactured with nylon material. They also have minimal features. On the other hand, the most costly ratchet gun belts are made with better materials. Furthermore, they come with better attachments and holstering features. However, this does not mean that cheap ratchet gun belts are bad. You will come across some ratchet gun belts that come with less value when compared to their attached cost.


A warranty is a guarantee that is usually provided by the manufacturer of the product. Typically, warranties and guarantees are used to give customers assurance that they are buying high quality products that are free from defects. It is advisable to purchase a ratchet gun belt with a warranty since it helps you get back to work sooner. This will eliminate the costly downtime.

You don’t have to worry about allocating funds for repairing your gun belt. While some manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty, some of them offer two years or even one year limited warranty. You should return your ratchet gun belt within the warranty period if it became defective. It would also be better to look for products with both lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. The presence of a money back guarantees means that you will get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product quality.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen from the above detailed article, there are numerous ratchet gun belts in the market. The best ratchet gun belts are tough and durable. They are also comfortable and multifunctional. It is important to consider the warranty, price and brand of a ratchet gun belt. You should not forget the materials of the belt and the durability. And now that we have reviewed the best ratchet gun belts in the market, you can go on and purchase any of the above products. We hope that you will find this review article helpful in the near future. We look forward hearing from you. Thanks!



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