3 Proven Ways to Increase the Privacy of Your Home

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There are countless reasons you might want to increase feelings of privacy within your home. You may find yourself craving solitude and look for ways to create a barrier between you and the bustling outside world, hoping to foster a sense of peace and relaxation when you get home from work. You may be uncomfortable with the idea of people being able to see what you’re up to in your home or yard (maybe even be thinking about that one especially nosy neighbor). You might not care who’s watching you, but you want to stop seeing other people from your house. Or maybe you’re tired of the loud road noises near your residence.

3 Proven Ways to Increase the Privacy of Your Home (2)

Whatever your reasons for craving a more private feeling in your home, there are steps you can take to bring about your desired level of privacy. The below list will give you several ideas for how you can seek and maintain privacy in your own home.



One of the easiest and most straightforward things you can do to increase feelings of privacy in your home and yard is to install a fence around your property. Beyond providing privacy, fencing can also prevent crime in or around your property. Fencing is a popular choice because it takes up very little space and has a wide variety of options available depending on your aesthetic tastes and needs. Chain link, wood, vinyl, and concrete options are available depending on your needs.

  • Chain link fencing doesn’t do much to prevent people from seeing into your property, but definitely deters people walking on your property. It will also keep pets and children from wandering off your property. Depending on which type of chain link fencing you look at, rusting may be an issue you need to consider in the long-term.
  • Wood fencing is likely the most popular, in part, because it can look so lovely, but also because it can be built according to your specifications, allowing for a range of heights and patterning. While beautiful, wood fencing requires the most maintenance, needing to be repainted or stained every few years. Wood fences also need to be sealed from the elements if they are to maintain their luster for years to come.
  • Vinyl fencing offers the same height and aesthetic options as wood fencing does, but it is often cheaper and does not need to be maintained as much as wooden fences do. This being said, wood fencing tends to be more aesthetically pleasing than vinyl or PVC fencing.
  • Concrete walls are definitely an intense option that doesn’t suit everyone. They are the most expensive, but also the most durable. In addition to this, concrete walls offer the strongest sound buffer out of all of the fencing options available to you.

When looking into fencing, you will need to do your research on local building codes. Different cities and counties have different by-laws regarding what you are allowed to build and at what height you can build it, even on your own property. Violating these by-laws can cost you big money in fines if you’re not careful.

3 Proven Ways to Increase the Privacy of Your Home

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Screens, Blinds, Curtains, And Shutters

Another popular choice for increasing the privacy of one’s home is to put up screens or blinds on your windows and doors. This can be done quickly, at a low cost, and offers a wide variety of colors and styles to pick from. All that you need to do is measure the openings you want to be covered before shopping. The experts behind online blinds by Tuiss recommend that you seek out a measuring guide for the specific type of window covering you are considering. This is because different window covering options require different births for smooth and easy functioning.

A bonus, if you’re going this route, is the ability to filter away outside light when you want to. Studies have shown that sleeping in darkened rooms improves the quality of your sleep and your mental wellbeing. This is something to consider in particular if city lights or car headlights can be seen through your windows at night.

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Similar to fencing, landscaping can be done in such a way that it prevents easy sight and access to your property. Trees and shrubs can be layered together to create a barrier along the edges of your property.

Many people choose this option because of how wonderful it looks, both from the outside of your property and from within. This is an environmentally-friendly choice, and as a bonus, trees often grow taller than fences, so your privacy is more intense with this option. Landscaping for privacy is also an excellent solution if you live in an area with strict by-laws about fencing.

3 Proven Ways to Increase the Privacy of Your Home 4 Trees and shrubs


All of this being said, this option can take more time than the others to result in full coverage. It is possible to have bigger trees brought onto your land, but this is expensive. More than likely, if you go this route, you are going to be planting trees and waiting for them to grow. Of course, there are things you can do to encourage your trees to grow more quickly. Make sure you do your research on how long it takes for your trees of choice to grow, so you aren’t disappointed by the wait time.

Whatever your reasons for seeking out more privacy when in your home, there is an option that suits you, your budget, and your particular needs. It turns out that privacy has many benefits across different settings. There’s no shame in wanting or needing a little more space between your home and the outside world (even if your nosy neighbors want to make you feel bad about it).

There are several different ways you can go about securing more privacy for you, your loved ones, and your home. The right choice for your home will depend on where you are located, how much yard space you have, and what sort of things you are seeking privacy from. You may even find yourself employing more than one of the above suggestions in order to maximize feelings of privacy and solitude in your home.


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