How To Sell A Rifle Scope Online? A Detailed Guide

For anyone looking for a guide on how to sell a rifle scope online, this article is the right place. Click on today and explore the detailed process with some tips.

How to sell a rifle scope online

Tips for selling scopes

A rifle scope is an indispensable item for any shooter. Many people tend to stick to one lens, while others prefer to change it frequently. And that’s when they need to resell old lenses to recapitalize.

The Internet has created a flat world that connects people. Selling online becomes more manageable and increases your reach to potential customers.

So, how to sell rifle scopes online? Please follow these steps:

  • Choose the proper marketplace.
  • Review the quality and set the price.
  • Ship the rifle scope to your customer.

We will learn more about each step in detail below; keep reading.

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Why Should You Buy Rifle Scopes Online?

Selling lens online

Selling lens online

The traditional shopping method that we are all too familiar with is buying and choosing at the store. However, with the development of technology and networking, more and more people have decided to transact online.

Why is there such a trend? There are a few benefits that you can refer to as follows.

Fast Shipping

Many online stores offer a “drop-shipping” service when you pay and place an order. Usually, they will store the goods in a centralized warehouse and deliver them when they have an order.

This process is usually relatively quick, and you will receive the goods right at home.

You will not need to move or spend many hours wandering between shops to find the right product. Instead, enjoy the cool indoors and surf the web for fun.

Receiving Online Advices

If you go to an extensive firearms store and ask for advice on lenses, sometimes the staff won’t answer you correctly. Not everyone is aware of a suitable human-sized target within 250 yards of a .308 Winchester bolt gun.

Instead, join the forums and consult other professional hunters. They can advise you on specs, details, and even the right product.

Good Prices

Online stores don’t have as much space and staff burden as traditional brick-and-mortar shops, so they have less overhead. You can find rifle lenses at very affordable prices.

For those looking to buy used lenses, chances are you’ll find premium brands at half the price.

Easy Exchanges And Returns

Sometimes, you buy a scope only to realize it’s unsuitable for your needs. Online stores understand that very well, and they gladly allow returns.

One quick call is all it takes to return the item and process the return. Please note that you will have to bear the shipping costs and compensate for the difference in value.

Do not rush to mount your scope because stores will not accept returns in such a situation.

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How To Sell A Rifle Scope Online? A Step-By-Step Guide

You should choose the proper marketplace

You should choose the proper marketplace

To be able to start selling lenses online, you will need to understand the stages of their operation. Usually, this process consists of only three simple steps as follows:

Choosing The Proper Marketplace

Many e-commerce platforms allow you to trade in rifle lenses, and it is up to you to choose the right marketplace. Not all areas are the same; some places can cost you more time and money than necessary.

Markets with diverse and consistent traffic like Amazon or eBay are suitable choices. However, it won’t be easy to sell only a few products here. These platforms are more ideal for retailers.

One suitable area is brokerage sites, like Cluny Country or RKB Armory. They already have an enthusiastic customer base and an efficient workflow.

Reviewing The Quality And Set The Price

When you bring a lens or an optical lens to the dealer, they will conduct a quality inspection of the product. If they find any problems or damage, the shop can assist with the repair at the most friendly price.

The experts here will also give a suggested selling price for the product. They will have a guaranteed price (the lowest price) that they will refuse to sell if lower.

Commissions for this service can range from $50 to 10%, depending on the value. This fee is used to pay for advertising, expert appraisals, and VAT.

Shipping The Rifle Scope To Your Customer

You will not have to worry about shipping problems for those who choose to sell through intermediary stores or by “drop-shipping” service. Intermediaries can deliver goods for you.

You should choose reliable shipping companies like Fed-Ex or UPS for those who sell directly. These services often include insurance for high-value products.

Use multi-layer packaging and multiple interlocking boxes to pack fragile items. Make sure that the product cannot move during movement.

The key is not to allow the item to move and create an inch between the inner and outer compartments for a buffer zone.\

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Valuable Tips For Selling Used Rifle Scopes Online

To make transactions faster and more convenient, keep in mind some of our guidelines below.

A high-quality lens

A high-quality lens

Expecting A Realistic Price

It is a fact that you need to face that goods tend to depreciate from the moment they are sold.

You will not be able to get the total amount you paid for the scope in the first place. The amount you can get back depends on the type and condition of any lenses you sell.

If your lens is a recent model with a high new ratio, its value will be more excellent. Older models and worse-shaped ranges will yield a lower percentage of their original price, but you can still make a lot of money on them.

Knowing The Quality

If you want to sell your old optical lenses, they’d better still have value. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars to get an old and unusable lens.

Here are some of the standards that shooters have set for the value of lenses:

  • Images are clear, bright, and precisely aligned.
  • Adjustment level to 0 and stay the same.
  • The turret is intact and has not been damaged by adjustments.
  • The body has few scratches and is spotless.
  • Range illumination (if any) is active.

Learn more about rifle scopes here.

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Knowing The Brand

If your lenses come from top brands, the price tag will be admirable. Please refer to the list of brands to get the most unbiased assessment:

  • Bushnell: The ability to quickly and accurately magnify unexpected situations.
  • Athlon: High accuracy for excellent aiming.
  • Khales: High durability with high-quality materials.
  • EOTech: Suitable for long-range shooting.
  • Nightforce: Small but powerful lens.
  • Leupold: Beneficial anti-recoil ability.
  • Riton: Meticulously detailed equipment.
  • Revic: The automatic range adjustment feature aids the shooting process.
  • Tract: The ability to shoot guns from a distance effectively.
  • Steiner: Suitable for skillful hunters.
  • S. Optics: Diversified products.
  • Trijicon: Ultra-clear and clear lens.
  • Vortex: The perfect combination of precision and simplicity.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our article helped you understand how to sell a rifle scope online. Pay close attention to the steps and tips to have the most successful trade.

Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading!


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