Smart Ideas to Install Your Wall Safe in the Nightclub

how to Install Your Wall Safe in the Nightclub

Have no idea where to install your safe in a nightclub? This article will show you some smart ways to hide it. Let’s take a look to find out where to put it. 

Nightclubs are recognized as one of the most popular places for adults to visit after a long day of work. Colorful lights, drinks, liquor, loud music, cigarette and various kinds of people are typical of a normal nightclub.

If you own or run a nightclub, then it may occur to your mind the idea of where to install your wall safe.

Here we are showing you some ideas to install your wall safe in a way that does not attract lots of attention. Let’s figure out!

Smart Ideas to Install Your Wall Safe in the Nightclub 1

Where to Install Wall Safe in the Nightclub

Nightclubs are complicated places with lots of people from different walks of life.  That is why it may be hard to find a good spot to conceal your wall safe.

However, there is one good place that most people choose to hide their things. It is the office of the nightclub.

The office is usually guarded by security and the nightclub owners, which makes it pretty safer compared to other places. Besides, as the office is not so exposed to guests, this is a really good place to store valuable and confidential things.

But where exactly in the office can we install a wall safe?

Smart Ideas to Install Your Wall Safe in the Nightclub 3

Well, nightclubs have been recognized as the number one target of burglars as it has a huge number of people coming in and out.

With that in mind, here we recommend some places you may want to consider to hide wall safes in the nightclub office:

Behind furniture

Experts have always recommended installing wall safe behind furniture. Large furniture such as piano, sofa, cupboard….are great places to hide your wall safe.

As these pieces of furniture we just mentioned are pretty hard to move, you should consider carefully before making any decision.

If you have to access your things frequently, then this may not be a perfect solution given its inflexibility. It will be useful in case you choose to store confidential documents or valuable things that are not so heavy.

Behind painting

In case you have to access to the content inside the wall safe frequently, perhaps hiding it behind a large painting is a good idea.

To other people, painting is a great disguise to hide things. However, when it comes to professional burglars, you may need to bolt your wall safe to make sure they cannot remove it immediately.

Hanging a picture of your favorite characters in the office is a great source of inspiration. Besides, you can take advantage of the spot and hide the safe effectively.

Behind mirror

Another place we would recommend is behind a mirror. If you have a small office then a mirror would do a lot of help. Specifically, the mirror will make your space a lot larger than it is.

Hiding a safe behind a mirror is a great disguise to both by-passers and burglars as well. You may want to choose a mirror that comes with a specific style to draw the attention away from what is behind them.

Behind mirror

Practical Concerns

Bolting your safes

Choosing a good place to hide your safe is a good idea. However, you should think of bolting your safe to provide more security.

Burglars today are extremely sophisticated. Even though you choose a concealed place to hide, it may take them just a few minutes to find it.

For that reason, we recommend you bolt your safe to make it more secured. Bolting a wall safe is not difficult, however, you should consult with an expert or someone who experienced the situation before.

Opt for heavy models

There are various wall safe brands on the market that come with great security. Investing in a high-quality safe is never a bad idea.

Besides, you should opt for a wall safe that is quite larger than your current needs. As wall safes may cost a large sum of money, you may want to make good use of it in the next few years.

Smart Ideas to Install Your Wall Safe in the Nightclub 6

Last Words,

Choosing a place to hide your wall safe is extremely important. In most cases, opting for the wrong places make you susceptible to burglary more than usual.

You may also want to consider bolting your safe to make it harder for burglars to remove it the moment they find it. Prevention is always better, right?

Above are some ideas to hide your safes in complicated places such as the nightclub. Hope you will find something helpful from what we share. Let us know if you have any question. Goodbye!

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