How To Hang Bookcase To A Hidden Wall Safe

How To Hang Bookcase To A Hidden Wall Safe
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With an in-wall safe, you can establish shelves on the door to store books while sealing a safe behind. Learn how to hang bookcase to a hidden wall safe right here.

A safe box after a painting is no more extraordinary.

Do you want to have a bookcase that turns to a secret to access your security box? That will give the criminal more trouble rummaging valuables around your house.

Today, you will know how to hang bookcase to a hidden wall safe, a place that any thief won’t bargain on.

The work does take some effort and time. Be prepared and get your equipment ready.

A pivot bookcase building up

A secret door behind a bookcase comes in life to be ideal for keeping secret in the most exposed places around your house.

How To Hang Bookcase To A Hidden Wall Safe 1

If you happen to have a wall safe, it is possible to design a bookcase into its door.

What you need

  • 8-inch plywood
  • Pinewood dowels
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: The face-frame

The case on the outside has to look bigger than the door itself. Sketch up a frame following the dimensions of your safe box.

You can glue the pieces together then connect them with screws in pocket holes. That allows you to build the frame flat without showing off the structure.

How To Hang Bookcase To A Hidden Wall Safe 3

Step 2: Build the shelf

MDF is an inexpensive choice on which you can add paint later.

Use glue and brad nails to hold them in place. Then come back and drill holes with countersink altogether nice and strong.

The thickness of the case will determine its interior dimensions. Take your time to line up the shelves in.

With good measure, you should be able to assemble everything into one piece.

Once you get the bookcase frame done sturdily, time to put some colors on it. To make it look elegant, we picked the all-white beauty.

Step 3: The back

Moving on to the back of the cabinet. This part will attach to the safe door.

For these pieces, you want them to be screwed tightly to the whole frame because it’s going to bear the mass of the entire unit.

Cut the 8-inch plywood to cover the back. You may also want to reinforce the sides with more pine dowels using glue. By this way, you will have to clamp the pieces up then let them dry overnight.

Don’t forget to mark on the back where you will drill the screws into the security locker.

Step 4: Bind to the safe box

Place the whole bookcase to its position.

Mounting it is just the matter of getting the mark where the screws should go to the lock’s door. Make sure they are all in the correct spots.

It will be much easier if you can get someone to help. One person holds the bookcase while you focus on getting the screws in straight. You don’t want to take a chance of snapping one off.

There you have it. A bookcase with secrets behind it. (But let no one knows)

Beyond the hanging bookshelf

If you have a big wall safe that has the size of a regular door, you can really snap it into a larger bookcase which looks more like a common one.

How To Hang Bookcase To A Hidden Wall Safe 5

This type of case will have hinges and wheels of its own to roll in and out separately.

In this project, you will have a safe box set deep in the wall leaving some room for a part of the door to submerge.

Better than that, you can make a fake book to be a gate latch. Like in the movie, only you who knows the opening mechanism can access the assets on the back.

Another brilliant model is a double door that slides to the side. That could be a too big DIY project for non-tech savvy to tackle in, though the result guarantees a stun.

The huge sliding bookcase can cover a small room used for personal preference or a hideout in an emergency.


Do you have an idea in mind?

Having a secret place to shield your stuff behind a bookcase is indeed an interesting idea.

You may realize that the work is nothing; it only involves exact measuring and drilling holes. What you need to do is to get the right tools and material.

If you don’t have a wall safe yet, think about installing one. The task won’t take more than a day to nail down.

Getting an agent to do everything is a good idea but on our part, we don’t prefer letting an outsider know where we veil our assets.

Once you put your hands on the things, everything will turn out to be inspiring.

Please like and share if you find this post useful and let us contemplate your amazing outcome.

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