Floor Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Better

Floor Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Better

Every now and then a person may decide it’s time to renovate their home. This could be anything from adding an ensuite bathroom to building an extension. It could be that the family needs have changed or that there is money available to upgrade the home. Besides decorating and buying new furniture, many people change their flooring. It can either be chosen to match the existing fixtures and fittings or be part of a whole new look.

There are a number of different materials that can be used for our floors, and they will vary in texture and color. Some people will be looking for something classic, retro, or rustic. Others will be after the modern effect. Whatever a customer’s needs, there will be something perfect out there. We will now take a detailed look at some of the main options available.

Floor Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Better

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Whilst this may be a pricey option, there would be certain benefits too. They will be resilient and long-lasting, and able to cope with young children. Think of the kids bashing around and playing in the kitchen, or perhaps dragging the furniture. As the years go by, it will be encouraging to see that the tiles have not become scratched or dented.

The internet has much to offer in this area. People who want a luxury vinyl tile will find different ones displayed side by side online. Folk may be able to select the color, size, and thickness required. People may choose between flexible glue-down vinyl flooring and 100% waterproof vinyl plank flooring. Some products have pre-attached underlay to provide additional wear protection.


This is a great option for people who love the homely feel. There’s nothing nicer than coming downstairs in your pajamas and walking across a soft and warm carpet. On the downside, they attract dust and dirt and will need cleaning on a weekly basis. Areas that experience a lot of foot traffic may even need hoovering daily.

Whilst carpet can be used in a bathroom if it has a waterproof backing, it’s not the best option. Dining room carpets should be stain-proof to allow for food and drink spillages. For the stairs consider textured, plain, or twist carpets. Bedroom carpets don’t need to be as resilient to wear as lounge carpets.


If carpets remain dirty this could spell trouble for people who have asthma or allergies. Pet hair may build up, and bug infestations can take hold. One compromise would be to choose laminate or wooden flooring and to put a rug over the top. They are easier to maintain and replace and can protect the floors.

When a carpet or rug is installed, it can reduce the noise created by children running around. Area rugs can also be attractive features in the middle of plain floors.


Concrete Flooring

If someone has a vinyl floor they will need to be careful when they clean it. If they perform mopping with too much water, it may get into the joints or edges, and uproot the vinyl.

In contrast, distressed concrete flooring can ably cope with being cleaned. The production process helps it lose that sterile, polished appearance. It can be the perfect choice for people who choose modern decor in the home.

Graphic Tiles

Tiles are always a sturdy option for the home, even though they can be cold on the feet.

Some homeowners are more artistic and ambitious than others. They may want the flooring to be an artistic statement and an eye-catching feature of the home. After all, who said that tiles should always be square? That’s why hexagonal tiles have entered the market. Graphic tiles can be like jigsaw pieces that all fit together to create a specific design or pattern.

Black And White Flooring

Just as black and white photography can be profound, similarly colored tiles can be very effective. They have a nostalgic element too, as they were very popular in the past.

Modern tiles are different, however, and can be bought in smaller sizes than before. The graphics can also be bolder than the retro ones. The end result can be the perfect combination of old and new.

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Laminate Flooring

This is a great option for people who need something inexpensive. It can be great at resisting scratches, and easy to clean. Many people with pets or children choose this material. When it is installed there will be a felt or foam underlay. This will make the surface softer on your feet, and make the laminate feel more springy.

As with vinyl, moisture can be an issue. It shouldn’t be used in damp rooms such as bathrooms or laundry rooms. If it is, the laminate could swell when damp.

Wooden Flooring

When someone renovates their floors, it can increase the value of their house. This is particularly true if wood or laminate has been used. A lot of wood flooring has been stained to create a specific finish. If the wood has been through a fuming process it will have its natural look highlighted and enhanced.

If someone wants a lighter colored floor they can still choose wood. Wood bleached during the blanching process can have a lighter ‘white-washed’ appearance. Don’t worry though: the wood grain will still show through. Distressed wood goes through a process that makes it look aged and worn. It enhances the texture and can be perfect for those seeking a rustic effect.

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These days the customer wants more for their money. They may want the look of one material but the resilience of another. Planks of vinyl flooring can have a wood-grain effect. In many cases, it’s hard to tell the wood from the alternative.

There is no doubt that we get what we pay for. Once a person has installed their chosen flooring, either the furniture can be returned or new items can be bought. When a home receives such a makeover, it can appear fresh, modern or nostalgic, and classic. The stage can then be set for more happy years together in the family home.


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