Everything You Need to Have In Your Home For Emergencies

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Emergencies come out of nowhere, and they can sometimes leave you in exceptionally precarious situations. From fires and earthquakes to simply not having enough money to pay the pizza delivery person, emergencies come in different forms and at varying degrees of importance. In any case, you need to be prepared; proper preparation can make even the most extreme emergencies manageable. While you may expect things to go according to plan and hope nothing bad ever happens, you still need to do your part to protect yourself from the unexpected.

Below is a list of everything you may need in your home for emergencies. 

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Emergencies are exacerbated when they happen in the dark. At night, or during power cuts, dealing with any issue you face is exponentially difficult. You need a strong, long-lasting flashlight. They come in all shapes and sizes these days. Keep a small flashlight handy for when you need to walk around and have a larger, longer-lasting, more illuminating flashlight handy to light up large common areas when needed.

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In some situations, such as being trapped in an enclosed space after a significant earthquake, you will need to eat to maintain your energy. You should have food that is ready for such situations. We recommend you keep canned, non-perishable foods on hand, as their shelf life reduces your day-to-day hassle of staying prepared. Keep food with good levels of nutrients stored so you do not suffer in times of emergency.

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While you can survive a significant period of time without food, although detrimental, you can only last a short period of time without water. Keep clean, drinkable water stored in your home for any emergency situations to ensure you remain properly hydrated. Poor hydration can bring about fatigue, cause headaches, and cause dizziness. Not consuming water for 3 to 4 days can result in death.

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Renewable Energy



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This one may seem odd to many, but rope can actually be very helpful in many home emergencies. For example, If you’re in a situation where you cannot exit your home from the ground floor, you will need a ladder and rope to exit through the top floors — attics or windows — and the rope can help carry your weight. Rope can also be used to fasten doors or windows shut if needed. However, you will need high quality, durable rope for such circumstances. You can get that from several rope brands that design rope and other emergency gear for a very wide variety of uses. Having durable, hard duty rope is deceptively useful, and you should keep it handy at home.

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First Aid Kit

For most emergencies, you will call an ambulance. However, some emergencies are not as severe but do involve someone being physically hurt. Furthermore, in some scenarios, immediate medical attention is beneficial to survival while waiting for ambulances to arrive. For such emergent scenarios, it is recommended that you have a first aid kit nearby and accessible. Safety kits usually have a variety of items. These items may vary from country to country but certain essentials, like sterile gloves and gauze, are unavoidable. Be sure to keep a fully stocked first aid kit ready as they can prove very useful when treating anything from small cuts to significant wounds.

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Fire Extinguisher

Fires contribute to a notable number of deaths annually around the globe. Those caught in fires may sustain serious injuries if they do not die. Many fires are unavoidable but, sadly, they are all too common. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home to stop any fire in its early phase. Place fire extinguishers strategically around your home in areas that are both easily accessible and nearby potential fire hazard zones, such as your kitchen. It is also advisable to have smaller fire extinguishers in many places and not just one big extinguisher. It is also important to understand that fire extinguishers need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are properly functioning. Fire extinguishers are far superior to water as many fires, such as grease or electrical, are worsened when being put out by water.

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You never know what expense will come up when you’re unprepared. Whether it is for a cash-on-delivery payment or a tip for a worker, cash is always handy. We do not recommend you keep a large sum of cash on hand as that has its own risks. But keep some cash at home for any money-related emergencies that come up.

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Having a two-way radio or NOAA radio at home can prove immensely helpful during emergencies. In situations where you are trapped at home and cannot communicate with the outside world, radios can be lifesavers. They can be purchased at very affordable prices and it is recommended to have one in your home. Some models are solar-powered or hand-crank powered so you will not have to worry about having to charge them or have them die on you.

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Medical Alert Bracelet

Many people experience slip-and-fall accidents and cannot move to call for help. This is especially common among older people. Such situations require immediate medical attention. Calling for help is made easier with medical alert devices. They can be worn as necklaces or bracelets and can call emergency medical first responders, who will find the location via GPS, all with the click of a button. If you are older or suffer any mobility issues it is recommended to have this device at home for emergency purposes.

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There’s a common proverb that says, “hope for the best, but plan for the worst,” and another famous saying that goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” While these sayings may seem cliché and trivial, they do hold great meaning and serve an important purpose. Emergencies are almost always unexpected and unavoidable.

You want to do everything in your power now, while your circumstances lend to wise decision making, to prepare yourself for dealing with the worst should it ever happen. Being properly prepared is not irrational or unnecessary; it is mature and appropriate and can, in many instances, save lives. Use the items listed above to prepare yourself for any emergency that you may face at home.


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