7 Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements

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The lights that you incorporate in your home can instantly set the mood of your interiors and even your exteriors. In the same manner, it can also make a room appear larger and more spacious. While the lighting you incorporate in your home is important, you need to keep in mind that too much light is just as bad as the lack of proper lighting.

For this reason, it will prove to be more beneficial to use light as a decorative element instead to accentuate your interiors if you want to utilize various lighting fixtures. Below are some great ideas on how you will be able to do so.

Use Light as Decor Elements

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Ambient Lighting

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is one of the most common types of lighting wherein the soft glow proves to be sufficient enough to encompass your entire space, without causing unnecessary and harsh glare. In this case, you can exude ambient lighting by making the lighting of the room as natural as possible. However, you may find that ambient lighting is not enough to illuminate your space, particularly when you need to work closely on a certain task. Nevertheless, below are some ways on how you can use light as a decorative element to create ambient lighting.

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Leverage Smart Lights

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements Smart Lights

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for lighting to be controlled by apps that are connected to the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology responsible for this. Aside from using smart lights in your exteriors, you can also incorporate this in your outdoor lighting, adorning your yard, pavement, or landscapes. With smart lights, you will have the ability to control the brightness of your lights with just a touch of a button, instantly dimming the lights in a room as necessary or setting a path from one room to another.

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Maximize Natural Light

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements natural light

Another way for you to set your ambient lighting is by maximizing the natural light that is coming through in your exteriors. In this case, you can go for lighter curtains or big open windows that naturally let the sunshine in during the morning. Not only is this a perfect decorative element, but natural light can also glamorize your interiors.

Accent Lighting

As its name suggests, accent lighting intends to draw your eyes into it, which is a perfect way of adding drama and style to your interiors. Apart from being a decorative element in itself, accent lighting can also help illuminate the pieces that you want to showcase, while shadowing the other areas. More often than not, accent lighting is used in bookcase displays or pieces of furniture. Below are some other ways to use light as the main decorative element of accent lighting.

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Dress Your Shades

Transform your glass shades with fabric that can soften its look and provide a more comfortable quality of light. You have the option of doing this yourself or bringing your shade to a professional crafter who will be able to create the look for the shade that you have in mind. Conversely, you can also go for multi-color glass shades that exude a vintage vibe, perfect as a focal point for your living room.

Delve into DIY Light Projects

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements DIY Light Projects

Unleash your creativity and try to come up with do-it-yourself accent light crafts such as lamps from a tower of teapots or a stack of books. You can also try to make a pendant coil lamp using an acrylic base. Rest assured that your creativity in DIY light projects knows no bounds.

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Play Around With Dimmer Delights or Natural Flickers

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements Dimmer Delights

Another way to create accent lighting or to use light as a decorative element in your home is to swap your switches with dimmers. These will allow you to automatically adjust the brightness of the light to generate the mood that you want to have. You can also go for natural flickers or candles to add drama in your room the traditional way. In this case, try installing L-shaped metal holders into a limestone rubble wall to hold the candles. This will draw the attention of the people entering the room.

Task Lighting

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements Task Lighting

Task lighting is a smaller and more concentrated form of light that is beneficial when you are working on projects that entail the need for a finer light. However, this type of lighting only works well when it is used as a contrasting light. Below are some of the ways on how you can use light as a decorative element and a task light in parallel.

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Using Multiple Lights

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements Multiple Lights

Pendants work well for task lighting, but they can be a great decor accessory too, particularly when they are used in multiples. For instance, you may want to have a trendy look in your dining area, but at the same time, you also want to illuminate the coffee table in one corner because this is the area where you often read. In this case, use three pendant lights above the center of the dining table, with slightly smaller pendants in your reading nook.

Explore Colorful LEDs

Crafty Ways to Use Light as Decor Elements Colorful LEDs

LED lights are also great task lighting fixtures that can effortlessly light up pantry drawers or cabinets. Not only are these fully functional, but LEDs are aesthetically pleasing as well. While white LED lights are often the common preference, you can also explore LEDs in other colors that can still provide the illumination that you require for a particular task.

To wrap things up, think about the type of lighting that you need first for you to be able to decide how you can incorporate a light as a decorative element. For ambient lighting, you can go for smart lights or maximize natural light. For accent lighting, you have the option of dressing your shades or delving into do-it-yourself projects. There is also the option for you to play around with dimmers or natural flickers. Finally, for task lighting, you can use multiple lights or explore colorful LEDs that will bring you the kind of brightness that you need.

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