7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection

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Whether you are a potential house buyer or seller, the sustainability, quality, and maintenance of the house are crucial aspects to take care of. As time goes by, numerous issues manifest in houses that naturally need a thorough checkup. Detecting the underlying problems as soon as possible will greatly help in solving them.

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection

This is where a competent home inspection comes into play. To be fully aware of everything going on around the house and address anything that needs immediate fixing, you need a detailed inspection report that tells you what to do. Besides, repairs in the house are certainly expensive, so the sooner they are discovered, the more you can be financially prepared. Here is a list of 7 pricey repairs that can be prevented by a home inspection.

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1. Water Damage

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - Water Damage copy

Water issues if left unchecked, can lead to serious catastrophes. It affects almost everything in the house, such as ceilings, walls, drains, odors, mold, and sometimes foundations, among others. Due to its ability to cause massive damages, water can be considered at the top of the list of expensive home repairs. Water can lead to structural problems, wood rot, and the manifestation of pests. If standing water, dripping, or moisture is spotted on the floors, it is certainly beneficial to have an expert dedicated to restoring and addressing water damage so that the cause and cost of the work are properly assessed.

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2. Electrical System

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - Electrical System copy

The electrical panel and general circuit ought to be suitable to meet the needs of your house. Based on the configuration code, such systems change over time, particularly with older homes. It is always a useful approach to examine current codes in case you would like to sell your house and check for any issues.

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In case you are looking for a house to buy, home inspection professionals over at Repair Pricer would recommend conducting an extensive inspection report to better assess the cost of repairs and negotiate the price of the home purchase. An issue in electricity would consume a considerable amount of money to fix.

There are many signs for electrical system issues that you can notice, such as extremely hot outlet faceplates, flickering lights, the inability of certain appliances to work properly or run together, and improperly installed wiring. Instances of power outages, electrocution, fires, and shock can erupt due to faulty electrical systems.

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3. Structural Problems

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - Structural Problems

The foundations of houses are critical areas to cover during a home inspection. This is why scrutiny is important. Sustaining the structural integrity of a house is vital to guaranteeing a lengthier life span. A home inspection will help you get to the bottom of the serious issues your house is facing. Problems in structure can normally be noted in the crawlspace or attic. Typically, the structural elements of a house are the walls, basement, foundation, framing, and crawl space.

The causes of issues in foundations can vary. For instance, poor drainage and settling, poor construction, or natural disasters can lead to the rise of structural issues. Besides, during renovation or construction, joists, trusses, or girders can sometimes be improperly set up. In these cases, it is optimal to refer to a structural engineer to guarantee the soundness of the home foundation and check for applicable solutions in case of offering the house for sale.

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4. HVAC System

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - HVAC System copy

It is considered one of the most used and most important systems in the house. The heat, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are what control the airflow, cooling, and heating— elements that are vital in all seasons of the year. Naturally, this system requires due care as it is regularly used at all times.

Certain elements of the system can malfunction, compromising the quality and efficiency of the air, particularly in old HVAC systems. During the home inspection, many potential defects can be found, such as rust around any HVAC units, asbestos, dirty air filters, combustion gas orders, and broken ductwork.

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5. Roofs

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - Roofs

A sturdy roof is a significant consideration to review. For instance, an older house with a new roof may certainly be a better option than a newer house with a bad roof. Leaky or dripping roofs can result in other issues such as rot, mold, and water damage. There are many indications to roof issues like exposed nail heads, broken or loose shingles, incorrect flashing, rotten rubber boots around the vent pipes, and small visible cracks in the corners of the roof. Other things you can notice on the roof are dark streaks, patchy paint, or plant growth.

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6. Plumbing

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - Plumbing copy

Plumbing is a tricky aspect to cover as most of the work can be under the house itself. Drainage system problems can vary in severity from a leaking outlet to an entire plumbing system replacement or repair. If leaks are left unchecked for a lengthy period, this can cause other problems such as molds, cracks, flooring damages, and subfloor rot. If you notice recurrent instances of clogged toilets, dishwasher issues, or any suspicious occurrences near the septic system, then it is time for a thorough inspection.

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7. Pests and Termites

7 Costly Repairs You Can Prevent with Home Inspection - Pests and Termites copy

The sooner you notice termite damages, the better you handle the issue. This will save you a big deal of money and time. The damage your house can incur because of this is based on how long such insects have been active. Many reasons factor in the presence of the annoying microorganisms, such as dampness, untreated cracks around the house, wooden elements in close contact with the ground.

The infestation of termites, carpenter ants, and particular kinds of beetles can cause the destruction of wood, drillings in walls, and damage to furniture. Detailed home inspection reports can inform you of this problem in case there are no visible signs of such manifestations.

Regardless of the size, age, or shape of the house, having a home inspection can save money, time, and sometimes lives. When deciding on purchasing a house or selling your own, repairs and replacements should be taken due care of. As repairs can certainly cost a fortune, it is useful to know how to be prepared beforehand. With the previous guide, you can learn more about pricey repairs you can avert with a specialized home inspection.

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