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Best Small Flashlights

Have you been struggling with choosing a small flashlight to purchase? Keep calm, in this article; we will analyze the 12 Best Small Flashlights. Stay tuned!

Light is an essential commodity for mankind as it serves as the medium by which our visions are activated. Often, the success of our daily activities usually depends on the availability of light which emerges from various sources such as the sunlight, moonlight and, others. However, over the course of time and evolution, mankind has been able to develop a tool that helps to produce light. Yes! It is exactly what you are thinking- The Flashlight.

But, have you ever found yourself in one of those very dark times where you need a light to rescue you? Mostly, in such situations, we substitute the use of flashlight with phone lights, hereby, draining the battery life of our mobile devices. Here is some good news. Flashlights are available in various sizes and instead of draining your cell power; you can just get a small flashlight to complete the task. What do you think?

Have you been struggling with choosing a small flashlight to purchase? Keep calm, in this article; we will analyze the 12 Best Small Flashlights. Stay tuned!

Top 12 Best Small Flashlights - Our Top Recommendation 1

Our top picks of the best small flashlight

1. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000
2. StreamLight 66604 250 Lumens MicroStream USB Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight
3. MagLite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight
4. PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery and Charger LFX 1000
5. ENERGIZER Compact Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight
6. LETION Led Flashlight
7. XVZ High-powered LED Flashlight S1000
8. INFRAY LED Pen Light
9. EverBrite 9-LED Flashlight
10. FASTRO 4-PACK Aluminum LED Flashlight
11. Castnoo LED Penlight Flashlight
12. Hatori Super Small Mini LED flashlight

Gearlight Led Tactical Flashlight S1000

1. GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 (check price) copy

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 features a Led bulb which is 10 times brighter and efficient than a typical incandescent bulb and a sleek, tactical patterned structure, designed for low battery consumption and allows for many hours of usage without a charge. This product is small and light-weighted with dimensions 6.1 x 1.57x 1.57 inches and 5.1 ounces respectively which make it easier to be handled or pocketed.

GearLight multifunctional system offers 5 operating modes (high lumens, low, medium, flash/strobe, SOS/Emergency). Its adjustable focus explains the wide-to-narrow beam zoom which makes it ideal for use.

Furthermore, this small flashlight boasts of a military-grade aluminum material which makes it ideal for extreme conditions as well as water, weather, and shock-resistant. This might be a good option for those looking to get a rugged flashlight. Lastly, GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 is very easy to use.


• It is easy to use
• Its anti-slip aluminum makes it easy to handle
• It is water and shock-resistant
• It is a pocket-sized tool which makes it easier to use, handle and transport


• This product might not be well suited for heavy use

Maglite Led 3-cell D Flashlight

2. StreamLight 66604 250Lumen MicroStream USB Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight (check price) copy

MagLite offers a small flashlight that strikes a balance between extended battery life and light intensity. It makes use of 3D-type batteries, which is responsible for its extended battery life. This flashlight is designed on excellent craftsmanship, with weather-resistant seals and aluminum material which ensures its water and drop resistance. Furthermore, this flashlight is anodized inside and out, for enhanced corrosion resistance.

MagLite 3D flashlight is known for its durability and reliability and it’s amplified projecting beam makes it suitable for camping and hunting while it’s slim, sleek, yet, portable design makes it attractive and easy to handle.


• It is water and drop resistant
• It is corrosion resistant
• It is durable and reliable
• An extended battery life


• It becomes heavier than usual when a battery is inserted (weighs 3.52 ounces and 23 ounces with and without batteries respectively)

Streamlight 66604 Microstream Usb Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight

3. MagLite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight (check price) copy

The Microstream USB is an ultra-compact rechargeable flashlight that features a lithium-ion battery cell type which enables the flashlight to run for about minimum of 210 minutes, a luminous flux of 250 lumens, a Universal Serial Bus (USB), a tail cap switch, a lanyard which allows a combining the pocket/hat clip for convenience.

This amazingly bright light features an aluminum casing with Type II military specification anodizing which makes the flashlight very durable and abrasion-resistant. In addition to its abrasion resistance, MicroStream USB flashlight features IPX4 water-resistant system ( it can resist splashes of water from various directions) and 1-meter impact resistance tested.

This flashlight is portable and extremely light-weighted with dimensions 5.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches and 2.08 ounces in weight. It possesses a metal and side sleeve that protects the charge port and reveals the charge port respectively. Its unbreakable scratch-resistant poly-carbonate lens boasts a beam distance of 68 meters.


• MicroStream USB Flashlight is durable
• It produces an amazing brightness
• It is amazingly cheap
• It has a clip that makes it convenient to carry along
• It is water and drop resistant


• It cannot be used for heavy duties
• Its amazing bright lights burn through batteries very quickly

Peakplus Tactical Flashlight Lfx 1000

4. PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery and Charger LFX 1000 (check price) copy

The PeakPlus LFX 1000 is a powerful LED flashlight that produces a max output when employed with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery which comes with the kit. This brand of small flashlights takes approximately 6 to 12 hours for max charge and boasts of the power output of 10W.

Secondly, the PeakPlus LFX 1000 features an adjustable focus that allows users to magnify their image by x1, x250, x500, x1000 and x2000 and a beam range of 200 to 500m. Another feature that we like about this flashlight is the soft-touch tail switch, which puts the flashlight in on and off modes as well as navigating through the 5 light modes (Full, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS).

Another interesting feature is the material. This 5.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 flashlight is designed with an aluminum alloy which presents it as water, abrasion, and shock-resistant flashlight, therefore making it suitable for heavy duties. If you get involve with a lot of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing or even emergencies, PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight LFX 1000 might be exactly what you need.


• It is suitable for heavy duties
• It is water and shock-resistant
• It has a very high light intensity
• It has a wide beam range and objects can be magnified with this flashlight
• An extended battery life


• It is not as durable as it looks and its efficiency drastically reduces over a short period of active usage

Energizer Compact Rechargeable Emergency Led Flashlight

5. ENERGIZER Compact Rechargeable Emergency LED Flashlight (check price) copy

This flashlight is a very small tool that serves as an emergency light during a blackout or power outage. It has a built-in battery that runs for 3.5 hours, a beam distance of 30 meters and a light 4x brighter than a regular LED light.

The unique feature about Energizer Compact Emergency LED flashlight is its high tech response mechanism which allows the flashlight to automatically come on whenever you experience a power outage/blackout.

Its retractable plug makes it easy for you to transform the flashlight from a wall unit to a handheld emergency tool and vice versa. Have you been looking for ways to get over your erratic power supplies, especially in the dark hours? The Energizer Compact Emergency light might just fit your need as it automatically and instantaneously responds to darkness by shining light. This feature makes it easier for you to navigate through your room.


• It responds almost immediately and automatically to a power outage
• It is small and can be easily carried with you
• It has a bi-functional system (it can be used as a wall unit as well as a handheld unit)


• It has a low span of durability and reliability

Letion Led Flashlight

6. LETION Led Flashlight (check price) copy

Letion LED flashlight is a small and tactical flashlight that can be placed in your backpacks and pockets for convenient storage and usage. This flashlight has an amazingly bright light that boasts of 5 modes; high, medium, low, strobes, and SOS and a beam distance of 500 meters.

Its military-grade aluminum alloys with anodized finish make it durable, scratch, abrasion and corrosion-resistant, also, its IPx4 system makes it suitable for any weather condition. Furthermore, it’s 2600mAh dual battery which is equipped with a USB cable for safe and fast charging is responsible for its 100 hours run time.


• It has a lasting run time
• It is water-resistant
• It is abrasion-resistant


• It is not durable
• It is not drop-resistant

Xvz High-powered Led Flashlight S1000

7. XVZ High-powered LED Flashlight S1000 (check price) copy

XYZ High-powered led flashlight is a handheld lightning tool with a metal clip that allows it to be easily carried about or pocketed. The flashlight is constructed from military-grade aluminum –alloy with an anodized finish, which is responsible for its scratch endurance, abrasion and corrosion resistance. XVZ flashlight features an IPX4 rated design which is responsible for its water resistance.

This flashlight is small, yet, very bright with an intensity of 800-lumens and a beam distance of 300 meters; however, it is powered by a 2600mAh dual battery (rechargeable) with 100,000 hours run time. This military-grade flashlight features a tail switch for easy navigation between the 5 different light modes (High, medium, low, strobe and emergency).


• It is water and abrasion-resistant
• Comes with rechargeable batteries that feature a lasting run time
• It is light and can be easily carried about
• This flashlight is very durable and reliable


Infray Led Pen Light

8. INFRAY LED Pen Light (check price) copy

Infray Led pen light offers a super bright light oh 220 lumens while covering a distance of 70 meters. The 5.7 inches light is designed as an EDC flashlight (Everyday carry), made to fit your pockets, pants or you can attach them to a key chain or a neck chain. The EDC design makes the flashlight readily accessible and controllable to you.

Infray Led penlight features sleek aluminum construction with an anodized finish which makes it a durable, tough and reliable abrasion and a corrosion-resistant flashlight. Also, it boasts of its IPX4 rainproof system with an unbreakable, scratch-resistant poly carbonated lens with pocket clips for convenience.

It has a fully adjustable zoom with 3 adaptable settings; high, low and strobe. The infray penlight is powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries which offer a run time of 7 and 14 hours on high and low adaptable settings. You might want to check infray led penlight out if you are a nurse, doctor, and mechanic. The flashlight possess a sleek and professional design which makes it look just nice on your laboratory coats


• It is very durable and reliable
• It employs a tail switch for easy controls
• Its sleek pocket clip feature and professional design makes it easy to carry about even in your place of work
• It is water-resistant
• Corrosion and scratch-resistant


• It is not drop-resistant

Everbrite 9-led Flashlight

9. EverBrite 9-LED Flashlight (check price) copy

The EverBrite led flashlight is a mini-sized handy and pocket-friendly flashlight with an EDC design, which makes it convenient to carry and use. This flashlight features a secure hard plastic casing with a slip-proof case design and lanyard which comes in 6 different fun colors (Pink, Red, Orange, Gray, Teal, and Blue), thereby ensuring that it is not only attractive but also, and impact resistant.

This lightening tool displays a high lumen output with a beam distance of 59ft; it requires 3x AAA batteries to be operational and a soft rubber push button that switches the flashlight ON/OFF. The EverBrite led flashlight comes in very handy while walking your dog, hiking, camping, and hunting or if you want to get a small flashlight gift for your little kids.


• It is impact resistant
• It is kid-friendly
• It easy to handle
• EverBrite LED flashlights are sturdy and durable


• You’d have to cut through the batteries to get them out.

FASTRO 4-PACK aluminum LED Flashlight

10. FASTRO 4-PACK Aluminum LED Flashlight (check price) copy

The Fastro aluminum LED flashlight comes in a dimension 3.4 x 1 x 1 inch and a weight of 1.6 ounces, the flashlight is designed as 6-LEDs which produce 20 lumens of light. This compact LED flashlight comes with Zinc carbon AAA heavy-duty batteries which are enough to power the flashlight for a 100000-hour runtime action.

This flashlight features a simple push-button switch for easy ON/OFF and it’s aluminum casing and aluminum oxidized finish makes it suitable for heavy duties and abrasion resistance. Fastro flashlight, because of its small size, light-weight and sturdy casing, can be easily carried about and stored anywhere you want, in your bedroom, garage, car, workshop even in your kitchen rooms.

Interestingly, the Fastro LED flashlight has a lanyard with an attached clasp which makes it attachable to your key holders and other accessories.


• It has an excellent battery life
• It can be easily transported
• It is suitable for heavy duties
• It is rust-resistant


• It is not waterproof

Castnoo Led Medical Penlight

11. Castnoo LED Penlight Flashlight (check price) copy

Castnoo LED medical penlight is a compact, handheld, and light-weighted (30g) flashlight designed for EDC (Every Day Carry) for easy storage and usage. It has a highly bright illumination 400 lumens, powered by 2 AAA batteries (which are not included). This flashlight features an aircraft aluminum body coupled with a waterproof design which renders it durable and reliable in extreme conditions.

Also, Castnoo LED medical penlight boasts of optimized digital power management which automatically lowers illumination to preserve battery life. If you are looking forward to getting a very cheap flashlight, Catnoo LED penlight might just be your next stop.


• It is very cheap
• Its optimized digital power management feature is awesome
• It is built-in for extreme conditions
• It is durable and reliable
• It is waterproof


• It simply has one light mode (super bright)
• It gets burning hot within a short usage period

Hatori Super Small Mini Led Flashlight

12. Hatori Super Small Mini LED flashlight (check price) copy

Hatori super small mini LED flashlight is another small and handheld flashlight designed for EDC. This flashlight is portable and light enough to be put in your pockets or your kit bags and can be easily carried around. Hatori offers an ultra-bright light which gives 150 lumens max output that lasts for about 2.5 hours and is powered by an alkaline battery.

This tactical flashlight is made of high quality 6061T aluminum alloy which makes it waterproof and befitting for use in extreme conditions such as storms, earthquakes, floods, power outages and other natural disasters. Hatori mini LED flashlight is suitable for outdoor activities; camping, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, and emergencies. Peradventure, you are looking forward to getting a satisfactory small flashlight while saving much expense, you might want to consider Hatori mini LED flashlight.


• It is cheap and affordable
• It is durable
• It is waterproof
• It is suitable for extreme conditions


• Our only dissatisfaction with this is that it is not as durable as it seems

Some Important Flashlight Terminologies You Need To Know

It is one thing to have sparse knowledge of a product and wants it, yet, it is another thing to have adequate knowledge of that same product. This will make it easier for you to decide what flashlight product is best for you and why. Many production brands now put their flashlights performance specifications on a user guide or the flashlights container. But, what is the use of this if you do not even understand what is written in it?

Let’s dive right in.

Impact Resistance:

This is the highest point from which a flashlight could be dropped in an off position and remains functional.


This is a standard international unit used to measure the luminous flux of light or the intensity of light generated by a flashlight.

The LED (Light Emitting diodes):

These light bulbs are upgrades to the regular incandescent light bulbs. LED is more durable and suitable for a short range of distances.

Beam Distance:

This is a measurement of how far a light produced from a flashlight can travel before disappearing into an equivalent of the moonlight.

Peak Beam Intensity:

This is the intensity of light in the brightest region of the beam of the flashlight when it’s optimally focused.

Run Time:

This is the duration of time the battery of the flashlight, will last at a specific given intensity level.


This is the measure of the resistance of a flashlight to water when submerged in water. A measurement of IPX7 quite reads another meaning compare to IPX8.

Water Resistance:

Water-resistance describes how well a flashlight can survive a couple of mild contact with water. That a flashlight is water-resistant does not mean it can survive been submerged into water. For instance, IPX4 rated flashlights can survive a couple of water splashes from various directions but cannot survive submergence into water.


This feature enhances the focusing and directing the beam of light


This includes the lens, reflector, and bulb and it is usually found in the front part of the flashlight

Flood Beam:

Light spreads instead of focusing


This refers to High-Intensity Discharge

Incandescent Bulb:

This is an electric light bulb that produces light with the use of a filament wire which is heated to a high temperature, thereby, resulting in a glow

Lithium Battery:

This is a battery that is made up of Lithium or Lithium compounds as an anode

Lithium-Ion Battery:

This battery is usually rechargeable, it moves Lithium ions from the negative electrode to the positive during discharge and back when charging

Primary Battery:

This kind of batteries cannot be recharged

Secondary Battery:

These are rechargeable batteries

Our Top Recommendation

Selecting a brand of small flashlight among many brands can be a difficult task; it’s like trying to pick a needle from a haystack. You don’t have to spend a needless amount of time surfing the net and searching your way through thousands and millions of brand.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top small flashlights brand you can work with, we have done intensive research on each of them, stated their various advantages and disadvantages as well as their individual and unique features, and just so you don’t have to go through such work again. We recommend the XVZ High-powered LED Flashlight S1000.

However, it’s going to be up to you to decide what small flashlight best suits your purpose and taste.

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