10 Best Paper Towel Holders – Top Pick and Review

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You can agree with me that indeed a kitchen towel or paper towel to be specific is one of the essential stuffs you should have in your kitchen. Where can paper towel holders be used? In most cases, paper towels are used to remove dirt on the shelves and counters. Also, you can use it dry your hands or even removing dirt on the floor. With a paper towel, all that you need to do is to place it on the counter. That is quite fine if you don’t mind having any kind of waste. After all, a towel holder was bound to get wet.

As human beings, we have a tendency to pull more than what we need. What does it mean? You will be spending a large percentage of your budget, purchasing new rolls faster. Paper towel holder has become a common fixture in most homes that is often under appreciated. That being said, the most reliable paper towel holder will be helpful in keeping paper towels organized and readily available.

A paper towel holder is a must. The problem comes when choosing the best paper towel holder model in the market. Which one should you go for? There are multiple paper towel holders in the market since it is a must have commodity. We have listed the ten best paper towel holders in the market to give you a leg up. All these products will suit your needs and give you a rare chance to upgrade your style.

Best Paper Towel Holders

Review of the Best Paper Towel Holders

Oxo Good Grips Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder

The free standing paper towel that has been manufactured by one of the most reputable companies is the perfect choice if you have been looking for a towel holder that doesn’t need any kind of installation. After taking this paper towel holder out of your box, you should slip any size of paper towels that are lying in your kitchen. The best thing about this specific paper towel holder is that it has been manufactured with high quality brushed stainless steel. The material comes with black plastic accents.

Usually, this freestanding paper towel holder features a spring activated arm. The spring activated arm has been designed in a unique way to hold the paper towel in place while at the same time allowing you to do some one handed tearing. Do you know that it does not matter how thin your roll become? You will have an easy time adjusting the arm. This means that you will never struggle ripping sheets off the roll. You will just get what you need at a specific time.

Furthermore, the base of this paper towel holder is weighted. It features a non-slip ring. Therefore, it will never slide on the counter. Keep in mind that standard paper towel holders slide on the counter while you are pulling the roll. Unfortunately, once the roll gets to a third in size, the entire weight of the roll will not be enough to prevent the thing from sliding when you pull. In addition, it does not work great when it comes to the towels that are much thicker.

Best Paper Towel Holders 1 OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel


  • One handed tearing.
  • Weighted base.


  • It has not been manufactured for high quality brand towels.

Kamenstein 4554asb Paper Towel Holder

Do you have limited space on your counter, and you still want to have an amazing paper towel holder? You are definitely in the right place. This is the right time to go for this product. The perfect tear paper towel holder has been designed with the latest patented ratchet system. What is the function of this system? It prevents your paper towel from unraveling when you pull.

In short, you will get the exact size of the towel you need. If you have come across this model, you might have seen that it has been designed to hold any size of paper towel. In addition, you will replace empty rolls with great ease. When it comes to installation, this paper towel holder has been designed with unique mounting hardware. This means that it can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. You will do this without experiencing any kind of difficulty.

All that you need to keep in mind is that the screws which are provided by the manufacturer are quite long for wall mounting. Therefore, they should go through the already installed cabinet bottom. Although this paper towel holder will work as promised, it is not silent. People who have been using this towel model for years have been complaining about the clicking sound produced when using it. The manufacturer should do something on this.

Best Paper Towel Holders 2 Kamenstein 4554ASB Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder with Rounded Finial, 14-Inch, Silver


  • Easy to install.
  • It can fit even large sizes of paper towels.


  • The clicking sound produced by this paper towel holder can be quite annoying.

Goodturn One Handed Paper Towel Holder

It is important to know that this paper towel holder comes with one unique mechanism. The manufacturer has incorporated a tapered silicone shaft. The shaft has specifically been designed to hold your roll firmly. With this feature, it is possible to tear a sheet with one hand. Unlike other standards paper towel holders in the market, this model comes with no springs or even buttons. This means that you will end up with a regular paper towel holder that will never break.

Similar to other top paper towel holders, this product has been manufactured with stainless steel material. The highly regarded product has been designed with a weighted base. Away from that, it boasts of non-slip bottom that ensures that it does not tip over while you are pulling it.

Customers love this specific product simply because it is very easy to use. It takes just seconds to replace a roll. If that is not yet enough, this paper towel holder can hold different varying sizes of rolls. Plus, you don’t need any kind of installation. All that you need is a spacious place on your counter. However, we have witnessed some customers who have been claiming that this model does not work perfectly on viva select size paper towels. In addition, some customers have experienced problems with the connection between the post and the base.

Best Paper Towel Holders 3 GoodTurn Vertical One Handed Paper Towel Holder


  • There are moving parts in this paper towel holder.
  • It features a weighted base.


  • It does not work well with certain brands such as Viva.
  • Some people have received damaged products in the past.

Simple Human Towel Holder

Do you hate paper towel holders that have been manufactured with a retching system? In that case, this is another wall mounted paper towel holder that will perform to your expectations. Unlike most paper towel holders, the manufacturer has included tension ring spring. The tension ring spring creates resistance and prevents the roll from unraveling.

What does the paper towel holder features? It has the essential features that a paper towel holder can have. Die-cast metal bracket and oversized stainless steel are some of the most notable features. The oversized stainless steel is a common feature in most paper towel holders. It ensures that the roll won’t bend at any time. Furthermore, this paper towel holder will fit any size of rolls, even the huge ones.

You will be required to use your screws when installing this paper towel holder in case you prefer installing it under a cabinet. The manufacturer will provide you with extremely long screws that are better for wall mounting. Unfortunately, the holes in this paper towel holder are not straight. You will often find out that you have not mounted it straight.

Best Paper Towel Holders 4 simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel


  • This paper towel holder works like a charm.
  • High-quality construction.
  • It will fit huge rolls.


  • It is not easy to install this paper towel holder.
  • It is an expensive paper towel holder.

Spectrum Diversified Otc Paper Towel Holder

Do you lack countertop space to spare, and you would like to skip anything that requires fast installation? In that situation, be guaranteed that it is the perfect bet for you. Are you sure that you can hang this paper towel holder over the standard cabinet door? Typically, this paper towel holder features a padded foam backing. This means that it will never damage your door. The entire paper towel holder has been manufactured with durable high quality steel material. The only thing you need to ensure is that the cabinet will fit in the handle. It should not be too tight nor too loose.

It is good to know that there are several cabinet shelves that may obstruct your door from closing. This happens due to the hanging paper towel. Are you wondering about pulling a sheet off hanging from this holder? It won’t open your cabinet door.

However, one of the major problems that our dedicated researchers have discovered in this paper towel holder is that the bar that holds the roll is sometimes big for the roll. This hinders the roll from sliding easily. In addition, it can slide around more so when the fit is too loose.

Best Paper Towel Holders 5 Spectrum Diversified OTC OTD Paper Towel Holder, 5 H x 11-3 4 W x 1-5 8 D Brushed Nickel


  • You don’t need any kind of installation.
  • This paper towel holder will save a lot of space.


  • Not all the rolls will fit well on the bar.

Simplehuman Tension Holder 

It is a perfect paper towel holder that will perfectly fit into your counter. The highly regarded paper towel holder has been designed with a tension arm that will provide the resistance you need to tear off the sheets using one hand. In addition, this paper towel holder features a stainless steel base. This enables the paper towel holder to stay stable, and it does not fall when you pull the roll.

Away from that, this paper towel holder features a unique feature-a finger loop. What is the main function of the finger loop? You will be able to pick this paper towel holder and move it in a different direction. Moreover, the bottom of this base is sturdy plastic. With that in mind, you should never worry about the paper towel holder getting a rust stain on the countertop. The rest of the paper towel holder has been manufactured with stainless steel. This enables it to match with any modern kitchen design.

Furthermore, this product will come in rose gold if that is your style. What we love about this product is that it will work as promised by the manufacturer. But keep in mind that the plastic around the tension arm might break in the process. When the roll becomes smaller and smaller, this paper towel holder will not perform well. The reason behind this is that the tension arm will not be able to provide the required amount of pressure.

Finally, you will be required to learn the right technique. This will help you pull the roll correctly just a bit past the tension arm.

Best Paper Towel Holders 6 simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder, Brushed Stainless Steel


  • This paper towel holder is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It works as promised.


  • The plastic part around the tension arm may break after sometimes.

Idesign Forma Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Most people who are paper towel lovers love this product because of its simplistic design. The top paper towel holder has been manufactured with durable stainless steel material. This paper towel model can either be mounted on the wall or even under a cabinet. Usually, it comes with mounting hardware.

This product can fit extremely large rolls. In addition, you will easily tear pieces from the roll when you consider purchasing this specific paper towel holder. It is a good choice for us since it is far much cheaper when compared to other paper towel holders in the market. Similar to other paper towel holders, the screws in this holder are very long.

You might be surprised to learn that it is possible to install this paper towel holder without using the screws. Furthermore, it can be a useful product when it comes to holding plastic garbage bag rolls. Although it is one of the finest products you will ever come across in the market, this paper towel holder does not come without downsides. You can only tear your roll in one direction when you purchase this paper towel holder. Another common drawback that the manufacturer should try to solve is that this paper towel holder will not prevent you from getting more than you require.

Best Paper Towel Holders 7 iDesign Forma Wall Mounted Metal Paper Towel Holder Swiveling Roll Organizer for Kitchen, Bathroom, Craft Room, Set of 1, Bronze


  • Easy to install.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It comes in numerous colors.


  • This paper towel holder can only tear in one direction.

Greenco Chrome Paper Towel Holder

It is another common paper towel holder that is considered by many. Do you know that this paper towel holder is a third of the cost of the fancy ones? It is not the perfect choice for one handed tear. You will get a simple and sturdy paper towel holder for your paper towels. This paper towel holder has been manufactured with durable metal and chrome finish wire.

As you purchase this paper towel holder, you should know that this paper towel holder can fit any size of paper towel rolls. In addition, this towel holder will never clash with any kitchen design. You might be aware that some innovative users have turned this paper towel holder into a vertical wall mount.

Are you pretty enough with your ripping? At times, you might experience tipping because this towel holder is a bit lightweight. Unfortunately, this second arm does not help the users rip anything. It comes with helpful features that will prevent the edge of your roll from drooping from the counter. What we don’t like about this paper towel holder is that some of the models come bent out of shape.

Best Paper Towel Holders 8 Greenco Chrome Paper Towel Holder, 6 W x 13 H x 5.75 D


  • Affordable.
  • Simple design.


  • Not for one handed tearing.

What On Earth Yoga Cat Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder has specifically been designed to target a specific group of people. This paper towel holder has been manufactured with cast iron. Therefore, you should know that this paper towel holder is pretty weighted. It will not be tipping over willy. From a close look, it is a cute paper towel holder. Many people love it since it is an art with a major purpose.

This paper towel holder boasts of a unique bronze finish that looks amazing no matter what the décor is. What does this paper towel holder features? It comes with soft rubber pads on the bottom of the cat’s paws. Keep in mind that all these features will not stop your roll from unraveling.

Best Paper Towel Holders 9 What On Earth Yoga Cat Paper Towel Holder - Cast Iron Stretching Cat Counter Top


  • Art with a purpose.
  • Lots of uses.


  • Expensive.

Idesign Formbu Stainless Steel Wall Towel Holder

Do you want to consider an eco-friendly paper towel holder? You should not loom beyond this paper towel holder. There is no doubt that the stainless steel used to manufacture this product is visually appealing. Be guaranteed that you will have enough clearance to fit a large roll. You will always have an easy time installing this paper towel holder. Can you imagine that you can use 3M strips to stick it on your wall?

What is the only downside that comes with this paper towel holder? You can only use it horizontally since the bar is usually held in place by gravity. You can mount this paper towel holder on the wall. The other drawback that you will experience is that you can’t tear the sheet one handed.

Best Paper Towel Holders 10 iDesign Formbu Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Paper Towel Dispenser for Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Office, Bamboo


  • Looks good.
  • Easy to install.


  • There is no locking mechanism.

Things to consider when purchasing the best paper towel holders

There is no doubt that a paper towel holder is an essential thing to have in the kitchen. You can attest that washing your hands all the time will waste a lot of time and water. That is why using a paper towel holder is helpful. You can consider the following factors when looking for the best paper towel holder.

Consider the type of paper towel holder

There are numerous paper towel designs in the market that are widely used. Here are some of the most common designs.

  • Hands free paper towel holder. You will be able to pull out the required amount of paper towel when you consider this type of paper towel holder. Can you imagine that you don’t have to touch anything else than the paper towel?
  • Countertop paper towel holder. It is a common type in the market. One good thing about this paper towel holder is that it is not wall mounted.
  • Surface paper towel holder. They are the perfect choice for limited spaces. They are readily available since they come at a lower price.


Besides the type of paper towel holder, you should consider the design. A pretty design will make your kitchen appear elegant. In addition, you should consider the manufacturer if you want to get the perfect deal. You can consider the reviews, built quality, and the manufacturing material. Away from that, the price factor is also a crucial factor that can’t be ignored. All these factors will help you get the right thing in your hand. After considering all these factors, you will be guaranteed that you will never face any single issue in the future.

Final thoughts

Before determining the best paper towel holder, it is advisable to determine whether you need the freestanding or mounted holder. Freestanding paper towel holders have been manufactured with a weighted base. In case you want a mounted paper towel holder, you should look for the ones that have been installed.

Away from that, you should also be able to determine whether you require a one handed tear variety of holders. After extensive research, these paper towel holders have proved to be the best in the market. We hope that you will find this review helpful.


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