Understanding the Benefits of Standing Desks

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With computers and an online world taking such a big role in our professional lives, more and more people are becoming aware of the impact hours of sitting in front of the screen have on our health. One of the solutions often suggested to those facing these problems is a standing desk.

Benefits of Standing Desks

This piece of office furniture is becoming more and more popular as the studies showing health risks for those leading a sedentary lifestyle keep coming up. The list of possible illnesses includes everything from back pain to type 2 diabetes and heath disease, some of which lead to shorter life expectancy. These are sobering facts for many office workers as well as for their employers. After all, healthy employees mean productive employees.

Let’s see how standing desks can help with these issues.

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Benefits of Standing Desks

Preventing Obesity

Understanding the Benefits of Standing Desks

This comes as no surprise really. We all know that if you eat but don’t burn calories, you will gain weight. And if your job requires you to sit at your desk for a prolonged time period, then you are at greater risk of adding pounds or even becoming overweight.

But can you prevent this by simply standing while doing your daily work tasks? The answer is Yes. If you decide to stand, you will burn around 50 calories an hour. Of course, you don’t have to stand the whole day but if you do it for as much as 3 hours a week, that will be a significant step forward in improving your overall health.

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Lowering the Risk of Heart Disease

Understanding the Benefits of Standing Desks 3

Scientists have been researching whether standing is better for your heart ever since 1953. In the study performed back then, they have realized that bus conductors have a much lesser risk of developing heat related illnesses than their colleagues who are sitting at the driver’s seat.

The results of the studies done in the last several decades regarding this topic are quite serious. They have shown that a sedentary lifestyle is linked to a 90% increase when it comes to the risk of cardiovascular mortality. Compared to those who lead an active lifestyle, those who spend all their working hours sitting at the desk have a 147% greater risk of developing some kind of cardiovascular disease.

These kinds of numbers are hard to miss. They are quite scary and can inspire people to take serious actions in order to protect their well-being. After all, as experts from www.standingdesknation.com say, it’s about leading a happy, healthy, and productive life. Installing standing desks in their office space is one of the ways to do it.

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Reducing Back Pain

Understanding the Benefits of Standing Desks 4

One of the things people often complain about when it comes to their physical health is back pain. With the number of hours spent at our desks, in the driver’s seat commuting, or at the home on our couch, this comes as no surprise. But the question is can doing work while standing help with this problem?

The simple answer is yes. The research done back in 2011 has shown that people who spent 66 minutes doing their job in the upright position will experience a 54% reduction in back and neck pain. These are really outstanding percentages given the fact that it takes just over an hour a day for such a dramatic increase.

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Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

It’s normal for blood sugar levels to become higher after a meal but if these spikes are significant, then an individual is at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Not only that, but this increase will also affect your overall health.

A study from 2013 comparing the blood sugar levels between those who stand and those who sit after lunch has shown some amazing results. Apparently, if you stand 185 minutes after your afternoon meal, you will reduce blood sugar levels by up to 43%.

Another research showed that overweight workers who alternate every 30 minutes between sitting and standing will reduce their blood sugar levels spikes by 11.1%. All these analyses show that getting up from your desk and doing tasks on your feet will help you in lowering the risk of diabetes.

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Making You More Energized

Anxiety and depression are health diseases also linked to people who spend the majority of their day in a sitting position. Given this fact, the logical reasoning would be that standing will have the opposite effect.

Participants who used standing desks in a 7-week study have reported feeling less stressed and fatigued than those who remained seated the entire workday. As much as 87% of them said that they feel increased vigor and energy. And once they returned to their usual behavior, the mood and energy levels also got back to the original state.

With more and more people facing mental health issues, it’s important to acknowledge the problems caused by the working habits of employees and companies’ policies. It’s critical to implement all the necessary changes that will reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. New office furniture is really the least employers can do to secure the happiness and wellbeing of their workers.

Understanding the Benefits of Standing Desks 2 copy

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Increasing Productivity

Let’s look at things from a bit of a different perspective now. One of the biggest concerns of those who are thinking about getting standing desks for themselves and their workers is how it will affect the overall productivity.

Although you will need some time to get used to performing your daily tasks while on your feet, there is no need to worry about the negative impacts. Those who are already working this way have not reported a decrease in productivity.

When you look at the whole picture – the better mood and increased energy as well as the reduced back and neck pain – it really is not that surprising that this type of desk will improve productivity. Being in good physical and mental shape will make any individual more constructive and creative.

Judging by the result of multiple studies done throughout the decades it’s obvious that performing your daily tasks on your feet is highly important for both the physical and mental health of a person. This is what makes standing desks a good investment. They will significantly reduce the risks of all sorts of diseases and boost your productivity.

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